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My name is Stephanie i love everything lifestyle beauty makeup and im happy to be
your friend.

What is living life with stephanie ?

Living life with Stephanie is a lifestyle blog with a little bit of food ,beauty and makeup.Dating and
relationships is also covered on this blog.  It started out as a mini blog called ''Stephanie'' back in 2011 and didn't officially become a blog until about 2012. I created living life with Stephanie as a bubbly teenager about to enter high school.I had created the blog after being inspired by a radio dj called Lisa Paige who had a beauty fitness blog. The blog was also something very fun to do and create stuff to make people smile. They are some things about life to learning about new makeup products and also new places to visit.  They is always something new to learn everyday and something new to try.  We also cover topics such as dating and relationships to be able to love and help one another.

A little more about me

I enjoy so many things among them is traveling and being adventurous.  They are so many adventures in life that await us if we just listen to our heart. I turned ''stephanie'' into a professional blog in 2017 in hopes of connecting with everyone more often. If you have a passion go for it study for it and never give up on your dreams. I also enjoy food ,art,music,theatre,acting and socializing.

Work with me

I enjoy working with brands and companies and I'm looking forward to hearing from you .

Email me at

Peguero.stephanie.439@gmail.com-business inquires only

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