My first memoir

This Friday will mark the release of my book slideshow trailer Living life with Stephanie which shares the same name as my lifestyle blog. Everyone has a story to tell the steps they take to achieve peace and clarity. I always wanted to write a memoir and I always knew I had a story to tell. I first came up with this idea after the events of 2019 which won't be featured in the first book and story. I wanted to write this story back in 2018 but I felt like I wasn't quite ready and how I will write this story. When I approached someone I loved about writing this story. I got the idea of what to include and what to not include in this story. Part of the events of the spring 2017 shaped me into a better writer and improved my writing drastically which is why I'm including it in my memoir. One thing leads to another and this story just does that. It'll teach you not to give up and to keep your head high and go for your dreams. I changed the names of most of the characters to protect their identity. Since it was very made public that I attended LaGuardia community college I could not change the name. I want to protect the identity and privacy when telling this story. I was a different person back then right after high school in my late teens. I think we are young we think differently and we grow as we grow into adulthood. I feel like this story will not just help young adults but anyone in the age group its a coming of age story and not a lifetime movie. This story takes place before everything that I have today and in my early yogi days. Readers will get to see how I get to the stage of how I will eventually become the woman I'm meant to be. One decision will lead to another and lead me to one of the most important women in my life and who later changed it. The person who was inspired by Gabrielle lead me to make a very life-changing choice and this story tells how I get there. I hope you enjoy living life with Stephanie volume 1 when it available for Kindle and other devices on May 1st!. xoxo-Stephanie

How to get therapy during this quarantine

This is a tough time for all of us with social distancing and being home all the time. It can be very tough and left with unpleasant emotions as we missed the lives we once enjoyed. Even for me they the first few nights I had to leave manhattan behind and return to Brooklyn was very tough. I had a life in manhattan and now I have to leave it behind for the forseasoable future and until this over. Many therapy offices are closed during this outbreak but that doesn't mean you can get the help you need. If this was 1957 then it would have been very rough since we didn't have the technology e have today. It is 2020 and we have so much technology and we could things such as using a phone to order food on the go with mobile order. We also have apps and one of those apps better help: online therapy is an affordable app that connects you with a therapist. It works as well if you have health insurance. Another one is a website called the national suicide hotline which is one of my favorites because you can get connected whether its by phone, text, or on your computer. It's also one of the ones that work you talk to someone and they help you as much they can even supply you with resources benefit to your health. If you need someone to help you here are some great links for therapy.
phone number (1-800-273-8255)

App Betterhelp online therapy is available on google play and iTunes app store

If you want to get involved with me during this mental health stigma I'm apart of this foundation
called I don't mind created by Chris wood the Jed Foundation and Melissa bononist. ill be going more into my involvement with I don't mind in May of this year.