Should you date a guy with childern?

When it comes to dating a really cute handsome funny guy who doesn't just like you for butt or really attractive body parts. they come so many questions such as should you date a guy that already has a child? They are some guys out there that have children's whether it's from a previous marriage or relationship. They have a child that they care for and love and even the fact they are great fathers. if you come across a guy that has children and you want to date him? should you date you still date
them pursue a romantic and intimate relationship? I think it all depends on the circumstances of the guy. For instance if he is still in love with the child's mother and has gotten over her then no you should not date him. It is a basic rule in life in your dignity as well that you should never date someone who is entangled with an ex. The relationship just won't workand you will be lying to your self in the end. What if he is single what if he's just a sweet normal guy with an ex-girlfriend he doesn't love anymore? Yes you should give it shot you don't have to be the greatest mom to his child or stepmom. But if he does love you and doesn't have any contact with his ex romantically then yes go for it. that could be the beginning of a new healthy relationship and maybe long term as well. you should date a guy with children only if he is not romantically or still crazy in love with his ex. The mother of the child or children. They are many sweet handsome guys out there who will love you no matter what even the ones with children. I love to hear your comments


Tips on attending your first blogher event !

Blogher and she media make really great events throw-out the months of the year that can really
help an entrnupter

and blogger as well. When I attended my first blogher event last fall I had a blast and met some really cool people. I also took home not only goodie bags but knowledge that can help my brand grow. Each blogher event is a different city from los Angeles to new York and now in Tennessee. They all are in different category to health to food to biz to a new event parenting. they all have the same goal meet new people do some networking and visit the panels which can help you in growing your brand.  Here are some tips if its your first time attending your first blogher event. Head over to to apply for blogher parenting April 24 2020 in tennense.

Tickets-Always purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid lateness
if its in the city that you are traveling to purchase your ticket ahead of time
a week before that way you have your flight hotel and ticket to the event and are not going
crazy the day of your flight if whether or not you have your ticket to the event make sure you have it.
If its one of those events like biz or parenting that you would have to apply to make sure you actually have been off the waitlist before you buy your plane ticket and hotel.

Hotel and airline- The best website to get hotels and airline packages together is expedia. The website allows you to book flight and hotel together. I always recommend choosing a hotel that is very close to the venue. The hotel and flight that would allow you to cost you less than 7.10 uber ride or around that range. Look up hotels close to the venue and book it that way your not only close to the venue but to the shops around it.

Panels- When its comes to the panels you don't have to visit each panel but choose the panels that most interest you and benefit you.

Networking- The best part of event is to network with people socialize grab a bite and drink and make new friends.

Have a great time and make sure to arrive early on the day the event so you don't miss breakfast!. Enjoy blogher event if your going to an event and if you see me say hi ! xoxo-Stephanie

Im writing a memoir!

I'm writing my first memoir and I'm so excited to share this news with you all its currently set for a summer 2020 world wide release. Here is a brief bio about the book and memoir

My Manhattan (currently working title )
Life isn't easy for 19 year old freshman college student writer Stephanie
She's just out of high school into adulthood and starting college
at LaGuardia community college. To her fall semester that would come
with failures that will eventually lead to success and the events on her spring
semester the story is coming of age that threw failures and success trying to
figure out who you are and meeting amazing people along the way its these
things that will eventually lead Stephanie into becoming not only a successful person
but shaped her into becoming the women she was always meant to me in the city her true
love no other than Manhattan!.
 its set for a summer 2020 worldwide release!.

I felt like 3 years later I'm finally ready to tell my story and not in a depressing kind of way.
I wanted to tell this story because I feel like it will help other young individuals in college or not feel like they are not alone. There are so many struggles that I went to that at first I thought was bad and cried but then you realize some of the things that happen to you are not a bad thing.  They are also moments such as meeting cute amazing people. In the end one ''mistake'' during my first fall semester at laguarida community college lead to another that will eventually make me a strong writer.  I hope everyone will laugh or cry they will enjoy this story and see a side of me that the world hasn't seen yet.