2020 a new perspective

Its the first few days of not only a brand new year but new decade and its the roaring 20s 2.0 now
things are much different then it was in the first roaring 20s decade. When it comes to things such as food we no longer consider pound cake as dessert but more fancy desserts like crepes and more fancy ice-cream. It also the new decade where I get to experience most of the new decade in my twenties. That age where you trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. Its also the age where your in late twenties you have your dream job and finishing college. Its a whole new perspective for me I'm giving my self a fresh start and now I have a new perspective on things. I'm gonna give my self more freely to fall in love without any stupid ''boundaries'' in the end what goes on behind the sheets isn't anyone business. I also want to do more traveling and take time out of work for a vacation once in a while the vacation where there isn't any work or school . We only live once and time goes by so fast we cant not barely miss any special moment in our lives. We should all give our selves the opportunity of liberty to be happy and to be the best version of ourselves. What does a new decade mean to you? I love to hear your comments


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