Discovering who you are

Its a mere few weeks from my 22nd birthday and I am beyond excited to turn 22! so many great things to come in this chapter new adventures, maybe even a new love?. Part of turning 22 isn't just another turning stage in my adulthood but its another year of life. In the last two years I've had 2 sedation surgeries with an iv got a new foot and had plastic surgery on my left hand. Despite all the medical stuff. I've also gone threw the emotional parts about being an human figuring out who you are.  Threw out the many stages of life childhood ,preteen, teenage, adult to our older adult years to the point of our lives when are 30 and have our careers and such we all go threw the phrase where we don't know 100 percent who we are as a person. It can tend to frustrate us and many even cause an identity crisis. We are often criticized for our actions what we like the kinds of foods we eat or how different we are from our family. If we all the criticism good or bad get to us and choose to let people define us we will never truly be happy with our selves. We shouldn't let anything get in the way of who we are.  We are each standing in our way of our dreams and what we want to do in life. If you want to be a actor artist teacher or even start your business I started mine at just 16 years old. Its ok do the things that make you happy. If people say bad things about you it doesn't mean you are those things if they are good things then yes. Its ok to not know 100 percent of who you are. I started putting my aggression frustration threw yoga and it helped me a lot with battling my inner negative thoughts. If there is anything you wanna do to make your life better or pursue a dream then go for it and amazing things can happen. I love to hear your comments on anything great :) xoxo-Stephanie

3 ways to get rid of stress threwout your day

Threw out the day whether we are running to work ,school or whatever is that we do or what kind of the day that is stress can tend to build up. It can have you at points in your day wanting to scream your lungs out !. They are many ways to limit stress threw out your day so you wont go bananas.

1) Taking a 30 minute music break-. This one of my favorite methods whether you have a 9-5 job or a student bouncing between classes you can have at least 30 minutes a day for music. This method works even after your work or day is done and your finally home and sometime to your self. Use 30 minutes or more to listen to your favorite tunes.

2) Take a yoga class- Ive done this and it really helps its also one of the only ways I really enjoy working out. Yoga provides a great flow to your body and mind letting go of all the stress and anxiety. Some yoga studios offer a free week for instance core power yoga offers a full week of unlimited yoga. I highly recommend their c2's they also have c1's yoga sculpt and hot power fusion. Class pass is currently offering a free full month of unlimited workouts.  Sign up for both at and

3) Reading a book- Pick any book or anything 
on your kindle . They is always something great and something 
interesting to read.


2020 a new perspective

Its the first few days of not only a brand new year but new decade and its the roaring 20s 2.0 now
things are much different then it was in the first roaring 20s decade. When it comes to things such as food we no longer consider pound cake as dessert but more fancy desserts like crepes and more fancy ice-cream. It also the new decade where I get to experience most of the new decade in my twenties. That age where you trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. Its also the age where your in late twenties you have your dream job and finishing college. Its a whole new perspective for me I'm giving my self a fresh start and now I have a new perspective on things. I'm gonna give my self more freely to fall in love without any stupid ''boundaries'' in the end what goes on behind the sheets isn't anyone business. I also want to do more traveling and take time out of work for a vacation once in a while the vacation where there isn't any work or school . We only live once and time goes by so fast we cant not barely miss any special moment in our lives. We should all give our selves the opportunity of liberty to be happy and to be the best version of ourselves. What does a new decade mean to you? I love to hear your comments