My weightloss journey a journey to getting in shape

Back between the years 2018 and 2019 I noticed shortly after I finished high school and started college I was gaining weight. I might not have looked like a fugly big cow but I had no muscles and was starting to gain a few pounds. If I had kept my eating habits I would have been fatter than a fugly cow.  The intense feeling of having pizza for breakfast or eating a bucket of kfc and looking my self and hating my self for doing it. I would eat and eat and go to the gym and still look the same. I knew I needed help to kick these habits and thanks to core power yoga I was able to achieve it and recover.  I gotten a free week to core power yoga back in January of this year and took my first sculpt class with Danielle. I had felt good not only did was I started to lose weight but all the floppy part of my stomach was turning into muscle. Shortly after I got an partnership with core power yoga one of my jobs aside from my projects and being an professional blogger. I'm very grateful for joining core power because shortly after I was able to kick my bad eating habits for good.  After one sculpt class I started doing more and noticed my body looked similar to one of those Victoria secret models in a healthy way.  I started working for core power part time supervising and finding ways to improve class techniques and make class more enjoyable. I also developed some cool friendships and love  I started eating a balanced diet since joining core power yoga and no longer look fat or chubby or a zombie I still eat kfc or fast food now then but I always remember to do a sculpt class while I still have my partnership with core power yoga. I eat better now and no longer look sick. Thank you all for letting my share my story and if I can do it anybody can.


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