Holiday hiatus we will be back on december 1st 2019

Hi everyone this blog will be going on a hiatus for the week and we will back on December 1st. We will be launching vlogmas the same day and ill be back stronger. I am also taking this time to be with family ,and getting alot of comfort after i lost my budgie snow white to sickness last week. Have a happy thanksgiving y'all and save me alot of turkey and pie! Ill be back soon peace and love -xoxo-Stephanie

My favorite tv shows movies holiday songs

Its the my favorite time of the year the holiday season and I love a good Christmas movie with hot chocolate toasted with marshmallows.  I also listening to holiday tunes and the magic of holiday season. Here are some of my favorite TV shows,movies and holiday songs.

TV shows

Gossip girl -Roman holiday episode its eleventh episode of the first season and its
the one holiday episode with magic joy family and love. Ive seen this episode so many
times. Its one of the best episodes of the season.


One is got to love a good Christmas movie one that will make you laugh and feel happy.
I have a few favorite holiday movies and ones that are quiet romantic.

Christmas Cupid- This one of those movies with the ghost of Christmas past type of
thing. Its also funny too and also a romantic and has a very important theme about loving
others and not feeling selfish. Chad Michael Murray is the main heroine in this one and also the love
interest of our main protagonist who has to learn a very important lesson. Ashley Benson brings laughs to the film and so funny. Overall if your looking for a Christmas cupid to strike you with her bow and arrow this is a must see.

Rudolf the red nose reindeer-I love this animinated movie since I was a kid and its a family classic
out of all the reindeer's who could forget Rudolf!

A Charlie brown Christmas- I have Christmas memories baking cookies watching this threw
out my childhood and its one of the best. Charlie brown really does it with his holiday classics.

The mistletoe's- Another great Christmas ABC family original movie just like Christmas cupid this is fun enjoyable to watch.It is totally different from Christmas cupid and its a romantic music with good tunes.  I love how holly has to go threw a journey in finding the meaning of Christmas and also figuring out who she is along the way.

A Cinderella story a Christmas wish- Its one of those Cinderella story stories and is very similar to the Cinderella story with hale. This one has Christmas in it and a cute prince charming who reminds me of aria's brother in pretty little liars. This is super cheesy but its worth a watch and the song everybody loves Christmas is the song you would have a hard time getting out of your head.

Holiday songs
1)Santa claus is coming to town-Variety of artists
2) Oh santa-Mariah Carey
3)All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey
4)last Christmas-wham and variety of artists
5) Happy holidays-nsync
6)do you hear what I hear-Carrie Underwood
7) jingle bell rock-variety of artists
8)mistletoe-Justin bieber
9)Santa baby-variety of artists
10)santa claus lane-hilary duff
and many more!

Cheers to the beginning of the holiday season and festives and I love to hear your comments below-xoxo-Stephanie .