What mental health day means to me

Today is mental health awareness day and to me it means alot of things and emotions. Mental health is something that is not to joked around with. They are people out there who struggle with mental health and go things such as depression and anxiety and fear. That is what inspired me to be apart of mental health organizations  The negative emotions that come with feeling so lost and so alone.  In my experience threw out my youth years I've struggled with feelings of sadness of wanting to be accepted for who i was as a person. I had dealt with fake people backstabbing people and bad experiences that inspired me to help others and share kindness. We all go threw rough stuff but we cant let it define us who we are. Its OK sometimes to scream and shout and let it all out. It just means your human and its natural none of us in this planet haven't gone threw an experience that's either shaped us or changed us. Lets all remind ourselves that we don't have to be every body's friend but we also don't have to be really a mean to someone. Lets all just be kind to one another and with that we can make a difference in a world.  
Do an act of kindness for someone and leave me an comment on how did it go. xoxo-Stephanie 

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