Glow sleeping mask review

I love beauty masks they are a like a quick mini facial without the creams and scrubs used in a facial. I love the ones that hydrating and with oils that get rid of dry skin. I came across the glow sleeping mask at the blog her creators summit back in September. The difference between regular face masks and sleeping face masks is that sleeping masks are used before bedtime and are washed out in the morning. They both similar things aimed to do at the skin moisturizing. I put on the glow sleeping mask right before i went to bed the other night. You need a spatula not the cooking spatulas to lay over your skin. I wouldn't recommend using your fingers and touching your face. The next morning what i noticed was my face was moisturizing and i had less puffy eyes.  i also less dark spots aka i didn't need to go crazy on my face mask to make my face less tired. I love this face mask as equal as regular face masks that i normally use. I would recommend this face mask to everyone it smells like fruit and is helpful for those who have wrinkles i don't but its helpful for people who do. You can buy this product online or in store. Here is the link to buy the mask you can also find these at sephora in stores.
* note this company is not paying me or sponsoring this post and all my opinion's are my own .


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