The optismtic of dating apps

In the era where having a significant other is such a big deal or having a sex life these things
sometimes don't come natural anymore. Where people look for partners the old fashion way by meeting them in person as opposed to a swipe on a app such as tinder or bumble.  In this era some people use dating apps as a way to either find love or just plain fun sex.  Do we really need to use dating apps do all people on dating apps just wanna fuck? and not get to know the person and who they are. Aside from using a fancy dinner as a muse to later get in their pants and then like a one night stand forget they ever existed or even happened.  It all depends on the person not all guys are the same and not all care about big butts and burns. They are some circumstance's just like meeting someone at a coffee shop or library people who actually want to get to know the person. The only difference is that is threw an app and not in person aka the natural human way of love and bonding. Its ok to use dating apps to find love or perhaps even a new friend. You gotta always remember to just be careful when using these apps. Behind the app and each swipe is another human being who might be looking for the same thing. If your just looking on dating apps to fuck then make sure that person is on the same page and no feelings are hurt in the process. If not then give them a thanks for meeting you but no thanks. The only way for love to work whether its just love or fooling around is for both sides to fit like magnets. Its ok to use dating apps the people on them some of them just don't want sex. Its dating apps for a reason if its all about sex and only sex it would be the birds and the bees app and not dating apps or the names tinder and bumble. I think dating apps are alright but right now I'm not trying to jump into anything wheres just sex and i don't actually know the person. I'm take my love life just like i have my morning cappuccino's sweet and slow. I wanna know what do you think about dating apps ? Any stories you have on dating apps i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

Glow sleeping mask review

I love beauty masks they are a like a quick mini facial without the creams and scrubs used in a facial. I love the ones that hydrating and with oils that get rid of dry skin. I came across the glow sleeping mask at the blog her creators summit back in September. The difference between regular face masks and sleeping face masks is that sleeping masks are used before bedtime and are washed out in the morning. They both similar things aimed to do at the skin moisturizing. I put on the glow sleeping mask right before i went to bed the other night. You need a spatula not the cooking spatulas to lay over your skin. I wouldn't recommend using your fingers and touching your face. The next morning what i noticed was my face was moisturizing and i had less puffy eyes.  i also less dark spots aka i didn't need to go crazy on my face mask to make my face less tired. I love this face mask as equal as regular face masks that i normally use. I would recommend this face mask to everyone it smells like fruit and is helpful for those who have wrinkles i don't but its helpful for people who do. You can buy this product online or in store. Here is the link to buy the mask you can also find these at sephora in stores.
* note this company is not paying me or sponsoring this post and all my opinion's are my own .


What mental health day means to me

Today is mental health awareness day and to me it means alot of things and emotions. Mental health is something that is not to joked around with. They are people out there who struggle with mental health and go things such as depression and anxiety and fear. That is what inspired me to be apart of mental health organizations  The negative emotions that come with feeling so lost and so alone.  In my experience threw out my youth years I've struggled with feelings of sadness of wanting to be accepted for who i was as a person. I had dealt with fake people backstabbing people and bad experiences that inspired me to help others and share kindness. We all go threw rough stuff but we cant let it define us who we are. Its OK sometimes to scream and shout and let it all out. It just means your human and its natural none of us in this planet haven't gone threw an experience that's either shaped us or changed us. Lets all remind ourselves that we don't have to be every body's friend but we also don't have to be really a mean to someone. Lets all just be kind to one another and with that we can make a difference in a world.  
Do an act of kindness for someone and leave me an comment on how did it go. xoxo-Stephanie