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Oreo maple creame review

Oreos is one of my favorite cookies and the golden one is also one of my favorites.
Oreos is always coming up with crazy flavors such as mint chocolate chip,pumpkin,strawberry shortcake,peanut butter and chocolate and among other flavors. Some of these flavors taste artificial or like a taste of a candle topped with white sugar. When I came across the flavor maple creame I was really excited to try it.
 The smell of packing of the oreo reminds you of fall that sweet smell of syrup. It almost reminds you as if you had fresh hot ready pancakes or waffles ready on top with maple syrup. This cookie is really sweet just like all the other limited edition cookies. It doesn't have much of an artificial taste but it is really sweet and its best paired with milk. If you are the kind of person that loves sugary cookies you will love this one its just like waffles and syrup.  I give it a 4 of 5 its very sweet but reminds me of waffles and syrup something I always enjoyed since I was a kid. You can find these at target which where I got them or your local grocery store. I hope you enjoyed this food review of the new limited edition oreo maple creame. Let me know if you try this oreo or any other limited edition flavor. Xoxo-Stephanie