Living life with Stephanie the relaunch of a lifestyle brand .

In 2011 i was just 13 years old when i created my first blogger account. I loved to listen to the radio and there was DJ in particular who i loved listening to Lisa Paige on 923now. She had a blog called pampered with Paige. I Became a daily reader and loved how fun blogging was and the joy it brought. I created '''Stephanie'' and started blogging in 2012 with no sub focus and wrote just about anything on the blog.I even got to try out products i would receive influenster boxes and the company skinny cow sent me a huge delivery to review their ice cream. I Knew from the moment that not only was i receiving treats and free stuff i was also making people smile as well. I knew i could create something special and unique in the blog sphere.  Career wise i never imagined my self as a professional blogger growing up i always thought i would be a veteran or artist.I fell in love with blogging and shortly after i fell in love with YouTube and creating content with videos. I later changed ''stephanie'' around 2015 to living life with Stephanie and found a main focus lifestyle. When i saw the joy that i was making people smile and the interaction with my supporters. My heart became full of happiness. Why not create a blog that people could enjoy to be able to put aside the drama in the lives for 10 minutes or more and just go on the blog. In January of this year i made plans for me and my team to relaunch the brand.  I wanted to come back sweeter bigger and have the .com domain to make my blog officially mine with all the rights. I had hosted the blog on word press on for its temporary home. I had went to look for designers and later to buy the blog.  The blog was originally gonna be relaunched in may after i had plans to buy the rights from google. During may i had a foot problem and wasn't able to walk anymore. It was a difficult time i had to surgery at the end of may and put my dreams on hold until i could be able to walk again.  Once i was able to walk again by end of June plans for the brands relaunch went back to motion. I couldn't be happier in making people smile each day and going with this new journey and era. Thank you guys for the bottom of my heart for all the love in the world. This is just the beginning of a new story xoxo-Stephanie

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