Dont's of trying to get rid of a heartbreak from a relationship

When it comes to heartbreak its something beyond our control and with a wave of uncomfortable feelings. They are many things we often do that make the feelings of a heartbreak worse to overcome. Here are some dont's on getting rid of a heart break.

1) Follow them on social media-Unless your not part of a friendly group like the kids on 90210 or gossip girl or any other group friends. Then you shouldn't be following them on social media. That just creates more hard feelings of trying to forget on how they made you feel.You will be consents seeing those what they are up to and have the urge to contact them.  Things like facebook twitter instagram and other any of their social media accounts at least until things calm down.

2) Text them or call them-You should not text them or call them consistently after a breakup aside
the convos about the breakup if its all said and done in a relationship and then you should restrain from calling them or texting them.

3) Trying to find rebound sex- Rebound sex after a breakup might seem really fun and pleasurable but if your are just doing it to get revenge on your ex or pity your self. That will just make you stoop so low lower than the lowest of the low.

4) Getting over the top drunk - Many people find themselves in bars or in places where they drink so much alochal they have no idea where they are. Alochal might be so good to drink but its not a way to think its fix all the shit in your relationship in one night or by cup sip of vodka.

I hope these tips and you consider what your going to i do dealing with a breakup is hard and no walk in the park but you have me and you have the strength and itergity to get threw this xoxo-Stephanie

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