Back to school tips

Its that time of the year again getting ready to go back to school and for me as well. This semester I'm finishing my beauty essentials from fit and parsons. I'm also looking to take creative writing courses at a university I'm not going to disclose in protection of my privacy. Whether your in grade school ,college or wherever it is that your studying it can be a headache. Here are some of my tips i used in grade school and college as well.

1) Keeping a planner-I always found that keeping a planner is very helpful it also helps you keep
track of important dates and meetings. There is important things such as homework's,due dates an upcoming test. When it comes to tests its always important to write them down so you can be able to study for it ahead of time.

2) Tests/homework- Sometimes teachers or professors might tell you that index cards help you study which they do. That is only the case if your are studying for a vocabulary exam or memorizing words. Writing words and their definition it only gives you memorizing words and what they mean. You are not really learning the material or what is expected to be on the test. The best way to really learn and pass the test is to pay attention in class. While in class don't take notes of every single part of a lecture but key things and important things you might want to remember. One of the greatest things is tutoring.Tutoring really does help i went to tutoring regularly threw out college and grade school not only on tests but regularly and i passed. When it comes to homework just do your homework on the day you receive it. If you keep saying your gonna do it then your not. Even if the homework is due in 2 weeks do it the same day.

3) Waking up- Waking up at 6am can be really stressful and especially getting ready for school and even when your living on dorm in a campus. The best way not to feel so tired in the morning is to get 8 hours of sleep don't be up past 12am or 11pm.My bedtime is usually 11pm even as a college student. If I'm in bed by 11pm ill be ready for 930am lecture. If you know you have class the next day don't party your ass off. Its best to have night out on the t own or party time when there is no class the next day.

4) School shopping-Your best bet for getting simple things like notebooks and pencils and pens is staples. They those supplies for as low 50 cents a item.They are other stores such as target or your local department store that has great stuff as well.

5) Lunch- Food is essential in any school day you cant function without food and the best way to carry snacks threw out the day between classes like bag of healthy chips a fruit cup or apple sauce something small and healthy. When it comes to lunch if you hate caterfertia food i do college cafeteria food sucks and is equivalent as grade school food. Pack your own food head to your local supermarket and buy bread or make your self a sandwich with fruit cup or juice.

I hope these tips help you rock your school year if you are going back to any sort of school. Leave me a comment below on your goals for this school year. If your not going back to school then your general life goals.


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