Veet wax strips review

When it comes to either eyebrow hair or upper lip hair or any body hair i find unattractive and not sexy i always use hair removal as a method. I hate uni brows so much i had in middle school and it felt like my face was a beaver and i started convincing my parents to take me to the salon every 2 weeks to remove it.  I Started working and got a part time jobs and all that stuff and would use the money i would earn aside from the fun things i would save a small portion of it for waxing and hair salon duties.  I like to do my own waxing i just don't touch my vagina or my eyebrows that's done to a professional no matter how many days i have a bad brow or bad vagina. The best thing about getting my vagina waxed is that if I'm not currently dating anyone i don't have to worry if there is even a little hair on it which i freak out on. When it comes to drugstore waxes i don't recommend touching your eyebrows or using it for a Brazilian wax.  Waxing your own eyebrows can lead to ingrown hair with drug store waxes. When it comes to trying do a Brazilian its very hard to do you don't get to remove all of the unwanted hair. I always get asked since i was in grade school and i still get asked in college how do i keep my face so nice and my eyebrows so arch. When it comes to my eyebrows i do them every 2 weeks by a professional and tinting every 4 weeks.  When it comes to my upper lip i prefer drug store waxes and i love the veet easy for face wax strips. They cost 6 or 8 dollars depending on where you buy them. I like to get my mind at dollar general they are only 2 dollars and save me alot of money.  The veet wax strips are only for the face the one I'm reviwing don't expect to buy a box and think that they could be used on any other body part they cannot. The strips are very small and are very sticky. I would recommend warming up the wax for easy hair removal i warmed up in my hands for about 5 minutes before i placed them and used the wax. They do get rid of the fuzz if you wax properly. I wax how i usually wax ripping the strip in the opposite hair direction of the growth. I recommend these strips to someone who wants to wax their upper lip and bottom. They even work for getting rid of nose hairs. I give these 5 out of 5 just a quick tip use baby powder before and after as wax always leaves a red face.

Let me know if you try these wax strips i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie.

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