How to become a successful blogger

Starting a blog can be exciting and everyone wants their blog to be successful I've started blogging when i was entering high school back in 2012.  I had no idea what i was doing and it took a while to achieve the success i have today. Here are some tips on how to become a successful blogger.

1) Have a name for your blog-

The name is the most important part of your blog it gives readers what the
blog is about. For instance my blog is called living life with Stephanie it gives readers
that my blog is a lifestyle blog.  Choose a name that stands out and what your blog is
gonna be about. If your creating a food blog some names that are good are the ''the eatery'' or if your a creating a fitness blog some names like ''insert your first name'' life.

2) Creating a topic- Every blog needs a main topic for your blog is the most essential in your
blog. Your main topic in your blog could be fitness with a little bit of food and fashion. Create a main focus for your blog and then add other mini topics if you want. My main topic is lifestyle but i also do mini posts such as beauty or food.  If you need help on creating a topic think whats your favorite topic to write about? and passionate about. When it comes to creating a blog don't talk about your self but something people care about.

3) Finding a host for your blog- Every blog needs a host a home to they are several sites to start your blog some sites such as blogger my current host.  If your looking for your blog to be a business i suggest word press. Its best for creating your blog into a business and helps you with that. Another site such as blue host. Blue host will be living life with Stephanie new permanent home starting this march into April.  Blue host works really well with your blog and works well with platforms such as google AdSense. For bljuehost use my code at
note that is a affiliate link and i earn commission when you use my link. Some other great sites for hosting your blog are webbly and wix.

4) Social media- Using social media platforms can be a big help in making your blog successful the majority of people use instagram twitter and face book each day. Mention your blog on these sites and it will help boost your audience. My blog first started on blogger today it also on instagram and twitter as well. Create social media accounts and use them for promotion as well and spreading the word on your blog.

i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie :)

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