Corepower Yoga review

When it comes to working out and staying in shape i love working out and taking
yoga classes. One of my favorite things about fitness classes it works better in toning your muscles and helps you sleep at night compared to using gym equiqnment. I always take yoga classes whether its on YouTube or in a yoga studio. I recently got a free week to core power yoga and took my first yoga sculpt class with Danielle. I love their studio in flat iron in Manhattan its small and its near Starbucks and easy access to a smoothie shop.  Danielle was super sweet and didn't make you feel bad if you were doing the yoga class correctly. The yoga sculpt involved use of weights and basic yoga poses. If you are trying yoga classes or a yogi beginner stick to the basics first and once you get the hang of it then move on.  Core power yoga offers your first week free to newcomers and a free towel rental and mat for your first day. I would suggest bringing your own mat if you want to continue taking yoga classes and book online. They offer a variety of memberships with a single class at 32 dollars.  I give core power yoga a 4 out of 5 stars. I would give them a 5 if they weren't a bit pricey. If you try core power yoga let me know in the comments below.

you can sign up for your membership here at and get your first week free


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