How to become a successful blogger

Starting a blog can be exciting and everyone wants their blog to be successful I've started blogging when i was entering high school back in 2012.  I had no idea what i was doing and it took a while to achieve the success i have today. Here are some tips on how to become a successful blogger.

1) Have a name for your blog-

The name is the most important part of your blog it gives readers what the
blog is about. For instance my blog is called living life with Stephanie it gives readers
that my blog is a lifestyle blog.  Choose a name that stands out and what your blog is
gonna be about. If your creating a food blog some names that are good are the ''the eatery'' or if your a creating a fitness blog some names like ''insert your first name'' life.

2) Creating a topic- Every blog needs a main topic for your blog is the most essential in your
blog. Your main topic in your blog could be fitness with a little bit of food and fashion. Create a main focus for your blog and then add other mini topics if you want. My main topic is lifestyle but i also do mini posts such as beauty or food.  If you need help on creating a topic think whats your favorite topic to write about? and passionate about. When it comes to creating a blog don't talk about your self but something people care about.

3) Finding a host for your blog- Every blog needs a host a home to they are several sites to start your blog some sites such as blogger my current host.  If your looking for your blog to be a business i suggest word press. Its best for creating your blog into a business and helps you with that. Another site such as blue host. Blue host will be living life with Stephanie new permanent home starting this march into April.  Blue host works really well with your blog and works well with platforms such as google AdSense. For bljuehost use my code at
note that is a affiliate link and i earn commission when you use my link. Some other great sites for hosting your blog are webbly and wix.

4) Social media- Using social media platforms can be a big help in making your blog successful the majority of people use instagram twitter and face book each day. Mention your blog on these sites and it will help boost your audience. My blog first started on blogger today it also on instagram and twitter as well. Create social media accounts and use them for promotion as well and spreading the word on your blog.

i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie :)

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Corepower Yoga review

When it comes to working out and staying in shape i love working out and taking
yoga classes. One of my favorite things about fitness classes it works better in toning your muscles and helps you sleep at night compared to using gym equiqnment. I always take yoga classes whether its on YouTube or in a yoga studio. I recently got a free week to core power yoga and took my first yoga sculpt class with Danielle. I love their studio in flat iron in Manhattan its small and its near Starbucks and easy access to a smoothie shop.  Danielle was super sweet and didn't make you feel bad if you were doing the yoga class correctly. The yoga sculpt involved use of weights and basic yoga poses. If you are trying yoga classes or a yogi beginner stick to the basics first and once you get the hang of it then move on.  Core power yoga offers your first week free to newcomers and a free towel rental and mat for your first day. I would suggest bringing your own mat if you want to continue taking yoga classes and book online. They offer a variety of memberships with a single class at 32 dollars.  I give core power yoga a 4 out of 5 stars. I would give them a 5 if they weren't a bit pricey. If you try core power yoga let me know in the comments below.

you can sign up for your membership here at and get your first week free


Nourished yoga retreat nyc annocumnent

I love yoga and yoga retreats these kinds of retreats always leave you feeling refreshed and energized.  Who doesn't love a yoga retreat and the workshops and classes that come with it and make up the retreat.  On February 2nd 2019 the nourished treat will be having a yoga retreat in nyc at the garment district area on west 37th st in Manhattan. This retreat will have many sponsors such as Emmy's organics,banza,go macro and so much more. They will be also be having workshops and classes. Not to mention the speakers and the amazing things that come with a ticket such as a swag bag full of yum healthy goodies and some great vendors with some great snacks as well. I recommend this yoga retreat to all my yogis out there and to people who wanna stay fit and attend an event that could also benefit your health. Tickets are on sale and use my code vibrate10 for a 10 percent off discount.

Veet wax strips review

When it comes to either eyebrow hair or upper lip hair or any body hair i find unattractive and not sexy i always use hair removal as a method. I hate uni brows so much i had in middle school and it felt like my face was a beaver and i started convincing my parents to take me to the salon every 2 weeks to remove it.  I Started working and got a part time jobs and all that stuff and would use the money i would earn aside from the fun things i would save a small portion of it for waxing and hair salon duties.  I like to do my own waxing i just don't touch my vagina or my eyebrows that's done to a professional no matter how many days i have a bad brow or bad vagina. The best thing about getting my vagina waxed is that if I'm not currently dating anyone i don't have to worry if there is even a little hair on it which i freak out on. When it comes to drugstore waxes i don't recommend touching your eyebrows or using it for a Brazilian wax.  Waxing your own eyebrows can lead to ingrown hair with drug store waxes. When it comes to trying do a Brazilian its very hard to do you don't get to remove all of the unwanted hair. I always get asked since i was in grade school and i still get asked in college how do i keep my face so nice and my eyebrows so arch. When it comes to my eyebrows i do them every 2 weeks by a professional and tinting every 4 weeks.  When it comes to my upper lip i prefer drug store waxes and i love the veet easy for face wax strips. They cost 6 or 8 dollars depending on where you buy them. I like to get my mind at dollar general they are only 2 dollars and save me alot of money.  The veet wax strips are only for the face the one I'm reviwing don't expect to buy a box and think that they could be used on any other body part they cannot. The strips are very small and are very sticky. I would recommend warming up the wax for easy hair removal i warmed up in my hands for about 5 minutes before i placed them and used the wax. They do get rid of the fuzz if you wax properly. I wax how i usually wax ripping the strip in the opposite hair direction of the growth. I recommend these strips to someone who wants to wax their upper lip and bottom. They even work for getting rid of nose hairs. I give these 5 out of 5 just a quick tip use baby powder before and after as wax always leaves a red face.

Let me know if you try these wax strips i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie.