Creating new year goals for 2019

 Its the last few days of 2018 and I'm beyond happy of how much of a great year this has been.
I got to do so many things such as write my first book,host my first awards show on Broadway and meet alot of cool people. As 2018 comes to an end a chapter ends and your left with a new fresh start and a chance to start over. Did i accomplish most of my goals for 2018? some which i thought were ridiculous such as lose 10 pounds aka not be able to enjoy amazing foods such as cheese fries or burgers. I didn't accomplish that goal considering it was stupid just to torture my self over food. I did however improve my diet by eating more proteins and exercising the healthy way. Some goals i didn't accomplish for instance with work i wind up quiting my old agency for good. I'm not going to details into the big argument that took place this summer. Sometimes in life its not selfish if you do things that helps you physically and mentally as well. Some work advice I'm going to give to everyone never work in a toxic environment where your feel like your being bullied or mistreated for who you are. It shouldn't matter how much money they are paying you your not a victim if your in a situation and not helping your self.   Since my first job the summer before my sophomore year of high school to where i am now in my sophomore year of college I've learned that you shouldn't be treated a certain way. I was mistreated for who i was in my old agency. I put up with so much crap because i didn't think there was a way out. I know the feeling of when you work your butt off in a workplace and the other co workers who don't do nothing get better things such as awards.  It puts you like oh my god why i was dealing with this rubbish?. I remember after my surgery back in march where for 4 months i only used one arm to work. i had enough of just not my old agency but my life in general. Things such as my former college and the people i was around with that didn't make me feel like not so my self.  Life advice for everyone if you have trouble whether its getting out of a bad job or relationships with people seek a professional therapist.  In the end only you can break free of a nightmare and certain situations. Aside from breaking free from alot of toxic things they were also things and people who thought me alot of about my self.  Its better to be around people who bring out the best in you and inspire your creativity.  When it comes to creating new goals think to your self how will this benefit me for the good and for the bad? . In the end don't worry about others life and especially their problems and what they do. Its always good to help out but remember its their life and you should only worry about you and your life.  I thought i share you some goals not for the new year but for the next few months.

Stephanie's 2019 goals

  • To gain confidence with love to be a success its my first book to hit book stores nationwide across the cities and states i hope it gets good reviews by critics and people.  Its scheduled for a world wide release spring 2019. 
  • Schooling conflicts- when it comes to my schooling i want to be able to make a schedule where i can still go to college and travel and work i had a hard time doing that my first year of college.
New friends- i love making new friends and now ill be 21 in February I'm excited into more of what adult life is like.

those are some of my goals and hopes for the new year i hope you all have a happy holiday and a happy new year holiday. I hope 2018 has been good to you and let me know in the comments below on your new year and your goals. I love to hear your comments until next year xoxo-Stephanie.

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