Road to becoming an author

Being 20 years old a college student living in nyc the streets can be tough and a bad place aside from the sunshine. When you grow up in the streets other than Manhattan your surrounded by all kinds of people. When your growing up and when your in your child and adolescent years the world can become a dark place. I had found my self once in a dark place until literature and theatre saved my behind and gave me a voice i never thought i had. When i was a kid in middle school i wasn't very liked people just couldn't handle different. No matter how hard things were in middle school i knew it would get better i listened to what my father and mother told me and i didn't let the words hurt.  Part of my middle school years was struggling with my own insecurities. I was just any other kid trying to find her place in this world. I never really cared as to what people thought of me expect my parents other that i don't eat pies such as muff pie. The only pies i eat are apple cheese cake or blueberry the ones at those diners i love so much in nyc and other cities.  I wasn't all sweet and perfect as some people might have thought i grew up with two older sisters one who's basically my idential twin by only 2 years. When i was in high school middle school elementary even college people knew i had another sister. It was in college you could easily tell us apart i colored my hair pitch black as opposed to my milk chocolate brown aka i needed a big change. Threw out high school on some weekends i would spend time at those places such as apple bees yes i ordered 3 entree's and dessert i don't do that anymore as i realized my habits at those restaurant's was bad. During my first year of college i met a handsome young guy named Ansel elgort. He was so charming and the first time we met i got to hug him really hard. He showed me that I'm not alone in this world and that different is ok and as gorgeous as a rose.  I started doing really well in college i got my first a in public speaking and was inspired to write a book. My English professor in college told me i had the guts and skills to write a book and he asked me what i write about. At the time when you have so many ideas it was so hard and i thought i stick to one category self-help.  In 2019 my first out of many self help book to gain confidence with love will be in barnes and noble and places where e books are sold. Its book 1 on woman who have low self -esteem on love. I'm gonna help you get out of dark place just like i helped my self. Its not easy but my road to becoming a author took some steps and sometimes experiences help you become a better version of your self

3 big travel tips that can save you from a travel headache

When it comes to traveling i love traveling its so breath taking and amazing. Not to mention the breath taking ways of traveling such as by plane. There is so greater feeling than being up in the air in the clouds and when it comes to those long flights sleeping for hours while literally feeling like your in heaven. Its not so good as a metaphor as i can it can seem like.  When it comes to traveling there is always that rush that big headache when it comes to reaching your destination. Here are some travel tips that can help you.

1) Eating right.
Traveling for hours on an end can lead to big hunger and a growling
stomach.  I suggest eating a light bowl of something healthy at least 2 hours
before your flight ,bus or whatever is that your taking that has a departure time.
Eating light bowls such as oatmeal ,fruit bowl,or a veggie bowl.  My favorite
is a small bowl of Quaker oatmeal with tons of fruit and maple sugar. It'll keep
my stomach full and give me energy. Little snacks like a bag of chips or candy bars
like Hershey's small snacks like that. Its also good to pack your own food airplane
food isn't always great or the food they sell on those buses.  Stop by your local cvs
or supermarket and pick up a few groceries.

2) Sleeping like a baby

Don't be one of those people that goes to sleep and has to be up in 3
hours. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep prior to your travel time and the
time you have to get up. I suggest this because if you only slept for your
3 hours and you have a 630am flight chances are your gonna miss that flight or departure
time and might wake up rushing and acting like a manic that you might forget some things
that are essentinal. Remember your going to a different city you cant just take a cab to home from that city. Sleep is essentinal and very important in general.

3) Money problems is a big no no

If your traveling your bound to spend money no matter how much you money you bring
with you always make sure you have more than enough. People tend to go away and come back to
their home state broke. Don't be one of those people make sure that when you do come back from your trip your not broke and have more than money for clothes, food and bills.

 i hope you enjoy this post and it helps you with traveling ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie