What your thankful for?

I'm going on vacation mode starting tonight after i finish shooting some scenes for my biggest holiday video that's coming out in 3 1/2 weeks. Its something I'm really passionate about filming and i know you guys will like it. I have 4 videos left of the year in production and one of them is a hint hint might help you save money on holiday shopping.  Before i go on full on vacation mode aka be in a turkey coma after Thursday and spend Friday watching Christmas movies and eating junk food. I thought i share some of the things I'm thankful this year and what has 2018 bring.

I'm thankful for my surgeons

I had a surgery this year back in march and it was one of those surgeries where
your in a operating room and your laying down with a whole ton of meds i
had my nubbin removed and after my surgery my hand looks completely normal
I'm also thankful i had the surgery since my surgery alot of the bad memories in my life have
faded away i cant remember pitch clear and that whats gave me anxiety. I'm thankful for ms
Clara and her team for keeping me ok and having little to no scar formation.

Broadway community

I first doing Broadway stuff back in 2016 during my freshman year of college when i saw the radio city rockettes
by accident. Since then the Broadway community has been with open arms and
i had auditions it made me realize that i have a spot in the acting community
and that you don't need to sound like Celine Dion to be in the show. If i could
choose any show to be in i choose mean girls or waitress.  I also hosted my
first awards show as a professional blogger the drama league awards back
in may. I met some cool stars on Broadway i even met Andrew Garfield! hes
so cool in real life. I also met one of my favorite new stars Ashley parks and Erica
hennigston and the other plastics at north shore.

I'm thankful for my amazing team for giving me a new look even
though this happened in 2016 when i had completely changed my
physical appearance. Everyone might have been shocked by the
new Stephanie but I'm loving it. Life started changing after my high
school graduation. I started doing grow up things and even changed
my look i feel more feminine and more grown up in this new look.

I'm thankful for everyone in my life

thank you for being there in the last 20 years it hasn't been easy

there will always be battles and I'm glad to go with it y'all . I love

you all so much and that goes to my new friends i made this year

Gracie your one of them! and my 2 other blonde's Alexis and Jesse.

I Cant forget olivia the elgort fam thank you and thank you to each and everyone

of you i love you and to my fans i love you all bumblebees! and thank

you for changing my life.

Go and enjoy turkey and ill be back on here after thanksgiving break and cheers

tbt the 2017 turkey!

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