Should you date him because of the size of of his ?

When it comes to dating and relationships the most private and imaticy act of all is sexual intercourse. The details of what went on in the bedroom should not be discussed over coffee or over a night of drinking. No matter how how you drunk you are whatever goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. The only people who should be talking about how great it was or whether or not it was your great is you and your partner. Its 2018 and people should be openly talking about sex just not what happens during sex. Don't tell someone what goes on during it just like telling a person a really good story.  When it comes to the pleasure during the imtiacy act the most part is when his long penis goes inside your big hoo hoo. It can be great like having the best dessert of your life or it can be ugh this feels like I'm standing on a hard concert sidewalk and not moving.  From what i learned the size of his penis is not the same size in every male. They are all different shapes and the same shape not size. I'm a virgin so i cant speak as to whether or not you its great sex because of his size and how it feels.  Does size really matter is sex better because he has a long penis or a short one? When it comes to acts of imtiacy it might be great but should it interfere with dating? should you date him because he the size of his junk? or date him because the person he is and how much you love him. In my opinion small or short i would still date a guy no matter what the size of his penis is. In the end a serious relationship is about building trust and the happy moments you share with someone not about how or good the sex is. Not all relationships about sex and having fun and playing games its all about love in the end.  I wanna know your opinion would you date someone because the size of his junk? i love to hear your thoughts.

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