November Goals 2018

Its finally November and this year has flown by so quickly like a rock ship going really fast. Is it me or did it feel like yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2018? and now we are almost at the end of it. 2018 was one rock ship year for me so much life changing things has happened a surgery life changing decisions among other things. This year I've learned its ok to say no and I've also learned if you have opportunities in life waiting for you go for it. Here are some my November goals.

Stephanie's November goals

  • Finish the first draft of my manuscript i work on it a average of 3 1/2 hours per day for at least 3 days a week. Hint its related to the topic of love 
  • Go back to the gym I'm trying out different gyms when i work out recently my routine is  i normally go jogging or walking or even push ups and sit ups.
  •  Read a new book my book club is reading food geniuses i wanna get other new reads. 
  • Go on a trip before thanksgiving living in NY is great and so is college but sometimes you need to get away from the city too much of it is exhausting.
More social i love making new friends each day and something i want more and more of.

These are some of my November goals what are yours? I'm happy to be back ill return to making videos next week not the upcoming week the week after. The videos wont be every single week just every 2 weeks or 3. As a creator and person I've learned its never ok to overwork your brains and bite of more than you can chew.  I love you all  i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

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