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Tips for college and a successful career

When it comes to adulthood it can be scary whether your just out of high school and that's
literally the best feeling in the world.  Once high school ends your childhood days are officially
over and your entered into the world of adulthood. I remember when i was a child i wanted to be a
singer and actress and had a strong passion for dance. I almost made it in the 3rd grade to some a ballroom dancing finalists thing if i wasn't so nervous. When your young you kinda have an idea of what you want to be and your dreams and when you get older that passion grows stronger. You go threw 3 stages in the pyramid before college. When it comes to college choosing a career path can be difficult and I've been there. I was that girl during freshman year unhappy with my major my life and what i was doing.I was that girl who entered college with a life i ''supposed to have'' and not the life i deserved. Many people go that I'm here to give you some tips to avoid that collegy nightmare. It stood me to my sophomore/junior year of college to finally say ''no I'm doing what bests for me not for what the world wants or whats its supposed to be''

Choosing a major

When it comes to college choosing a major can be exciting and its the best
part it tells you the kinda career your gonna get in that field.  Its hard especially when
your a freshman and your parents want you to be a doctor or lawyer but you don't want that.
Go for what you want not for what others want for you and think you should pursue a career in.
In the end they cant decide the kinda family your gonna have or have many children or how to
pay your bills.   Don't give a damn about the ''no''s let those people worry about their own stuff.
If you want to go study acting dancing art i say go for it. In the end when you graduate you'll be open to many opportunities and jobs and can finally get that car/house you always wanted!. I was studying nursing my freshman year during my sophomore year i was like f it and now I'm studying fashion essentinals in one of the top schools of NY and then studying acting in a nearby future. I told my self Stephanie you deserve better! Same message goes to all of you out there!.

Studying time

When it comes to college work finals tests exams they are so much harder than the work in
grade school. When i say harder i mean more study time and its harder to get a b on a paper then it is
in grade school. The professors don't care what excuses you make if you miss a class or don't good on a paper. They just want you to learn and succeed and get the and understand the material.  Study really hard for work you get in college whether its any subject you wont regret in the end. The work is difficult so its important that you study. Studying isn't just going on blackboard and reading power points you don't learn bonkers from that. The best way is taking notes on the PowerPoint's asking questions in class.  Someone told me you can also learn from homework and making friends with classmates. Its also good to have a study buddy and at the say time succeed from doing homework as well. Instead of partying sometimes stay in and do homework review study and that's the only way you'll succeed. '' I got my first A in college and that put me a smile on my face i didn't party much to get that a'' you can do it too.


When it comes to college food is very important even though you cant eat in class depending
on the professor you can eat outside of class. The best way to save money on food while your on campus is apps. If you have a Mobile smart phone and iPhone such they have a app store. When you download apps you get savings. Try downloading apps and buying your food before your next class. Wake up early before you get to school and buy food. My favorite apps are panera bread they give out free food alot ! i got free soup coffee on numerous times. Another favorite of mine is pret coffee they have organic food and coffee is also organic another app that sometimes gives you free coffee. And other apps such as dun kin,Starbucks you'll be happy with these apps!

And lastly enjoy college not only studying and succeeding but having fun make friends you only live once!