Get rewarded for eating out

    I'm a big fan of restaurant's and like to eat out a couple nights a week i love the feeling of
food including the carby and fat food.   On face book i came across a app called seated and saw it was a app that you can find restaurant's and make reservations ahead of time. My favorite thing about making reservations is that you don't have sit outside when the restaurant is really packed. Which on most days are on Friday nights and Sundays. When you download the app not only can you make reservations but you can get rewarded for eating at a establishment.  They have a variety of gift cards such as Starbucks my fave i love Starbucks. You can also get a ride home they also have gift cards for lyft.  The app is currently available cities such as Providence,Boston,Chicago,Miami,Houston and a couple of other cities.  Each different restaurant has a different kind of reward but despite the difference in rewards its always good to eat out. It wouldn't be fun eating out alone you can also bring your friends and fam enjoy a night out of fun and food.  In NYC they have many different restaurant's such as la volie newbury and peit robert bistro. So many great yummy and different types of food restaurant's.  

You know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

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