Get rewarded for eating out

    I'm a big fan of restaurant's and like to eat out a couple nights a week i love the feeling of
food including the carby and fat food.   On face book i came across a app called seated and saw it was a app that you can find restaurant's and make reservations ahead of time. My favorite thing about making reservations is that you don't have sit outside when the restaurant is really packed. Which on most days are on Friday nights and Sundays. When you download the app not only can you make reservations but you can get rewarded for eating at a establishment.  They have a variety of gift cards such as Starbucks my fave i love Starbucks. You can also get a ride home they also have gift cards for lyft.  The app is currently available cities such as Providence,Boston,Chicago,Miami,Houston and a couple of other cities.  Each different restaurant has a different kind of reward but despite the difference in rewards its always good to eat out. It wouldn't be fun eating out alone you can also bring your friends and fam enjoy a night out of fun and food.  In NYC they have many different restaurant's such as la volie newbury and peit robert bistro. So many great yummy and different types of food restaurant's.  

You know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Summer fab fit fun box is here

Every summer its always good to have the main essentials whether its suntan lotion or
beach towels its good and important to have the essentinals. What if you could have all those essentials in one box? That you didn't you need to go to cvs or any other drug store and pick up the items one by one and be frustrated and get stressed over it.  You wont need to hassle over one by one item picking instead grab your self a summer fab fit fun box. Fab fit fun just released their new summer fit fab fun box and it all the summer essentials in just one box.  Some of the items needed for summer are foreo luna fofo,coola face sport spf white tea moisturizer and the pier 1 imports marble ring dish. Not to mention many other items that could save your summer alot of trouble and save you from a summer hassle.  Each fab fit fun summer box is valued at 321.99-367.99 but you can get it for only 40.00 and with my promo codes you can be able to save 10.00 more. Here are some promo codes to save your summer and get your box. Use each promo code to save 10 dollars off your next box! and save your summer.

So what are you waiting for grab your fab fit fun summer box threw out the hot and summer days.

* This post is sponsored by fab fit fun and I'm a fab fit partner all opinions are on my own!

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Cherry cola oreo taste test

When it comes to oreos I'm the happiest bumblebee in the hive I've loved oreos since i was a
child. My love for oreos started when i was four when my mom and dad would put oreos in the my lunchbox at school i always hated school lunch and would bring food from home.  My mom and dad would always bring oreos in the house i just love every flavor of oreos not every flavor. Some of the flavors oreo comes up taste like sugar paste and seasoning or a broken sweetened candle. Some flavors I've tasted tested not very found of were apple pie and pumpkin spice. Both of those flavors tasted nothing like i expected or close to the actual food item but reminded me of sugar paste in my mouth with a ton of seasoning like spices used in baking those delious treats.  When i came across the 3 Oreo flavor creation finalists i was a bit scared to try all of 3 them. They all sounded way too weird to be considered flavors. Out all of 3 flavors cherry cola,pina colada and kettle corn i only agreed to try one of them.  Kettle corn has bird food in them and i only give bird food to my budgies and i don't eat bird food. Pina colada sounded way too sweet to be a cookie considering the real drink is often used with rum and is too sweet without rum. In the end after all the hype from my fans and supporters i decided to give cherry cola Oreo a taste test.  When you open the package you get these sweet smell of cherry cola soda. It smells exactly and very similar with a kick of sweetness and almost like a candle smell.  When i took my first bite i got the yummy vanilla cream with the cherry filing along with pop rocks in my mouth. When you bite into the cookie you get this taste of vanilla cookie and then pop rocks following it along with some cherry flavor. I kind of feel like that they should have just left the pop rocks aka the popping candy out and just make it cherry vanilla flavored.  Surpisely it didn't taste like just artificial sugar and a plain sweetened candle. Overall i say its not so bad i know the poprocks is supposed to give it that carbonated feeling but it was in the way of the actual flavor. I wouldn't buy this every time i go to the market just like i do with regular oreos. I would sometimes pick it up for a quick snack. It also did kind of remind me a little cherry macaroon and i love macaroons. I would give it 3 stars of 5 just because of the poprocks in the way. Would i vote it in the contest? Yes I've been voting once a day for this flavor and i hope it wins considering its the only normal flavor i like. You can vote for oreo creation finalists

i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

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