New cosmic coollata review Stephanie runs on dunkin

These past couple of days in NYC have been oven like weather feeling like your in a big oven. Every time we get this kind of weather and I'm not by the waters I'm like how come we don't get the cold back ! My favorite season is spring not too hot or too cold and you can go outside all day and everyday. When i heard of dun kin donuts new coolata drinks despite the many sugars and carbs I'm not afraid to try to drink sugary drinks . Its ok to be able to enjoy sugary drinks and eat all the amazing food in the world. The one thing you just got to remember is that you always burn it off and its ok. When i took my first sip of the cosmic blue raspberry coolata it reminded me of those cotton candy ice cream pops i used to eat from the ice cream truck.  Theres a icy cotton candy kick to it and then comes the surgary sweetness of raspberry blue flavor.  Who would have thought raspberry and cotton candy make a great sweet team? This is has got to be of the greatest coolatas flavors dun kin ever had since strawberry.  Overall it was very good you drink the coolata and you get a sweet kick of cotton candy and a mixture of blue raspberry.  Its perfect for a hot summer day and one of those drinks you have by the beach. I give it 4 stars out of 5!
what did you think of the cosmic coolata? did you try it ? i love to hear your thoughts you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

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