Fitness Saturday tips on getting rid of painful cramps

 Cramps are the worst kind of pain anyone could ever have whether its a feeling of getting punched
in the stomach or someone stabbing you lots of times. Getting cramps or whether its a woman's menstrual period or cramps from doing things such as excessive workouts. Its a headache and it
disrupts you from doing everyday life. Here are some tips to get rid of cramps.

  • Drinking Hot tea- Drinking tea such as green ,sweet natural tea help get rid of
the soreness that comes from cramps and makes it slightly better. I love having sweet 

tea it does the trick whenever i have it with food and one painkiller such as Advil. 

  • Chewing gum- One of my favorite gums to do the trick is the one with 
really strong mint flavoring such as dentyn ice chewing a couple of them helps 

get rid of the cramps in no time!. 

  • Yoga-its one of my favorite things in the world it helps with not just cramps sleep
as well. 

  • Healthy veggies and fruits -Swapping out fast food meals that contain high sodium 
and are only bound to make it worse swapping it out be a good thing. Eating foods with celery 

broccoli and other veggies help you not with cramps and soreness but bring energy back the body 

has lost from the pain. My recommendation is things such as pure green juice with many green 

veggies or a bowl with many green veggies.  Fruits too banana is the best fruit to get rid of cramps 

oatmeal too.  

I hope you enjoyed the fitness saturday (originally fitness Friday) if you have any suggestions
for a future fitness Friday or any kind of blog post or videos which are slated to start in April leave me 
a comment below.  I love you guys and xoxo-Stephanie 

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