Ditching new years resolutions

  Each year i find making new year resolutions doesn't make any sense at all.   In making resolutions all there is frustrations in having to complete them. That's why i don't make new year resolutions and stick to bi weekly monthly and daily goals. If there is something i want to get done ill go for it and chase after it.  Here some tips and how to ditch the frustration of making new years resolutions

Creating a weekly goal

Instead of yearly why create something that can be done in a week for
example go to the gym or finish that paper that's due on Monday (following week) and even simple things like getting grocery and laundry done.

Creating a monthly goal

Creating a goal that can be achieved within the range of a month such as losing 10 pounds or getting a new car and new apartment.

Creating a daily goal

Goals that can be done in a day such as getting to work/school or making sure you eat.

I hope you enjoy these tips and ditching new year resolutions let me know in the comments below if  you plan on ditching the 'new years resolutions'' i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

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