Creating new year goals for 2019

 Its the last few days of 2018 and I'm beyond happy of how much of a great year this has been.
I got to do so many things such as write my first book,host my first awards show on Broadway and meet alot of cool people. As 2018 comes to an end a chapter ends and your left with a new fresh start and a chance to start over. Did i accomplish most of my goals for 2018? some which i thought were ridiculous such as lose 10 pounds aka not be able to enjoy amazing foods such as cheese fries or burgers. I didn't accomplish that goal considering it was stupid just to torture my self over food. I did however improve my diet by eating more proteins and exercising the healthy way. Some goals i didn't accomplish for instance with work i wind up quiting my old agency for good. I'm not going to details into the big argument that took place this summer. Sometimes in life its not selfish if you do things that helps you physically and mentally as well. Some work advice I'm going to give to everyone never work in a toxic environment where your feel like your being bullied or mistreated for who you are. It shouldn't matter how much money they are paying you your not a victim if your in a situation and not helping your self.   Since my first job the summer before my sophomore year of high school to where i am now in my sophomore year of college I've learned that you shouldn't be treated a certain way. I was mistreated for who i was in my old agency. I put up with so much crap because i didn't think there was a way out. I know the feeling of when you work your butt off in a workplace and the other co workers who don't do nothing get better things such as awards.  It puts you like oh my god why i was dealing with this rubbish?. I remember after my surgery back in march where for 4 months i only used one arm to work. i had enough of just not my old agency but my life in general. Things such as my former college and the people i was around with that didn't make me feel like not so my self.  Life advice for everyone if you have trouble whether its getting out of a bad job or relationships with people seek a professional therapist.  In the end only you can break free of a nightmare and certain situations. Aside from breaking free from alot of toxic things they were also things and people who thought me alot of about my self.  Its better to be around people who bring out the best in you and inspire your creativity.  When it comes to creating new goals think to your self how will this benefit me for the good and for the bad? . In the end don't worry about others life and especially their problems and what they do. Its always good to help out but remember its their life and you should only worry about you and your life.  I thought i share you some goals not for the new year but for the next few months.

Stephanie's 2019 goals

  • To gain confidence with love to be a success its my first book to hit book stores nationwide across the cities and states i hope it gets good reviews by critics and people.  Its scheduled for a world wide release spring 2019. 
  • Schooling conflicts- when it comes to my schooling i want to be able to make a schedule where i can still go to college and travel and work i had a hard time doing that my first year of college.
New friends- i love making new friends and now ill be 21 in February I'm excited into more of what adult life is like.

those are some of my goals and hopes for the new year i hope you all have a happy holiday and a happy new year holiday. I hope 2018 has been good to you and let me know in the comments below on your new year and your goals. I love to hear your comments until next year xoxo-Stephanie.

Road to becoming an author

Being 20 years old a college student living in nyc the streets can be tough and a bad place aside from the sunshine. When you grow up in the streets other than Manhattan your surrounded by all kinds of people. When your growing up and when your in your child and adolescent years the world can become a dark place. I had found my self once in a dark place until literature and theatre saved my behind and gave me a voice i never thought i had. When i was a kid in middle school i wasn't very liked people just couldn't handle different. No matter how hard things were in middle school i knew it would get better i listened to what my father and mother told me and i didn't let the words hurt.  Part of my middle school years was struggling with my own insecurities. I was just any other kid trying to find her place in this world. I never really cared as to what people thought of me expect my parents other that i don't eat pies such as muff pie. The only pies i eat are apple cheese cake or blueberry the ones at those diners i love so much in nyc and other cities.  I wasn't all sweet and perfect as some people might have thought i grew up with two older sisters one who's basically my idential twin by only 2 years. When i was in high school middle school elementary even college people knew i had another sister. It was in college you could easily tell us apart i colored my hair pitch black as opposed to my milk chocolate brown aka i needed a big change. Threw out high school on some weekends i would spend time at those places such as apple bees yes i ordered 3 entree's and dessert i don't do that anymore as i realized my habits at those restaurant's was bad. During my first year of college i met a handsome young guy named Ansel elgort. He was so charming and the first time we met i got to hug him really hard. He showed me that I'm not alone in this world and that different is ok and as gorgeous as a rose.  I started doing really well in college i got my first a in public speaking and was inspired to write a book. My English professor in college told me i had the guts and skills to write a book and he asked me what i write about. At the time when you have so many ideas it was so hard and i thought i stick to one category self-help.  In 2019 my first out of many self help book to gain confidence with love will be in barnes and noble and places where e books are sold. Its book 1 on woman who have low self -esteem on love. I'm gonna help you get out of dark place just like i helped my self. Its not easy but my road to becoming a author took some steps and sometimes experiences help you become a better version of your self

3 big travel tips that can save you from a travel headache

When it comes to traveling i love traveling its so breath taking and amazing. Not to mention the breath taking ways of traveling such as by plane. There is so greater feeling than being up in the air in the clouds and when it comes to those long flights sleeping for hours while literally feeling like your in heaven. Its not so good as a metaphor as i can it can seem like.  When it comes to traveling there is always that rush that big headache when it comes to reaching your destination. Here are some travel tips that can help you.

1) Eating right.
Traveling for hours on an end can lead to big hunger and a growling
stomach.  I suggest eating a light bowl of something healthy at least 2 hours
before your flight ,bus or whatever is that your taking that has a departure time.
Eating light bowls such as oatmeal ,fruit bowl,or a veggie bowl.  My favorite
is a small bowl of Quaker oatmeal with tons of fruit and maple sugar. It'll keep
my stomach full and give me energy. Little snacks like a bag of chips or candy bars
like Hershey's small snacks like that. Its also good to pack your own food airplane
food isn't always great or the food they sell on those buses.  Stop by your local cvs
or supermarket and pick up a few groceries.

2) Sleeping like a baby

Don't be one of those people that goes to sleep and has to be up in 3
hours. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep prior to your travel time and the
time you have to get up. I suggest this because if you only slept for your
3 hours and you have a 630am flight chances are your gonna miss that flight or departure
time and might wake up rushing and acting like a manic that you might forget some things
that are essentinal. Remember your going to a different city you cant just take a cab to home from that city. Sleep is essentinal and very important in general.

3) Money problems is a big no no

If your traveling your bound to spend money no matter how much you money you bring
with you always make sure you have more than enough. People tend to go away and come back to
their home state broke. Don't be one of those people make sure that when you do come back from your trip your not broke and have more than money for clothes, food and bills.

 i hope you enjoy this post and it helps you with traveling ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Should you date him because of the size of of his ?

When it comes to dating and relationships the most private and imaticy act of all is sexual intercourse. The details of what went on in the bedroom should not be discussed over coffee or over a night of drinking. No matter how how you drunk you are whatever goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. The only people who should be talking about how great it was or whether or not it was your great is you and your partner. Its 2018 and people should be openly talking about sex just not what happens during sex. Don't tell someone what goes on during it just like telling a person a really good story.  When it comes to the pleasure during the imtiacy act the most part is when his long penis goes inside your big hoo hoo. It can be great like having the best dessert of your life or it can be ugh this feels like I'm standing on a hard concert sidewalk and not moving.  From what i learned the size of his penis is not the same size in every male. They are all different shapes and the same shape not size. I'm a virgin so i cant speak as to whether or not you its great sex because of his size and how it feels.  Does size really matter is sex better because he has a long penis or a short one? When it comes to acts of imtiacy it might be great but should it interfere with dating? should you date him because he the size of his junk? or date him because the person he is and how much you love him. In my opinion small or short i would still date a guy no matter what the size of his penis is. In the end a serious relationship is about building trust and the happy moments you share with someone not about how or good the sex is. Not all relationships about sex and having fun and playing games its all about love in the end.  I wanna know your opinion would you date someone because the size of his junk? i love to hear your thoughts.

broadway roulette partnership with head over heals the musical

What if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

its the last love advice video of 2018 and i hope you enjoy advice on what to do if you like someone if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend ill see you all after turkey day xoxo-Stephanie

What your thankful for?

I'm going on vacation mode starting tonight after i finish shooting some scenes for my biggest holiday video that's coming out in 3 1/2 weeks. Its something I'm really passionate about filming and i know you guys will like it. I have 4 videos left of the year in production and one of them is a hint hint might help you save money on holiday shopping.  Before i go on full on vacation mode aka be in a turkey coma after Thursday and spend Friday watching Christmas movies and eating junk food. I thought i share some of the things I'm thankful this year and what has 2018 bring.

I'm thankful for my surgeons

I had a surgery this year back in march and it was one of those surgeries where
your in a operating room and your laying down with a whole ton of meds i
had my nubbin removed and after my surgery my hand looks completely normal
I'm also thankful i had the surgery since my surgery alot of the bad memories in my life have
faded away i cant remember pitch clear and that whats gave me anxiety. I'm thankful for ms
Clara and her team for keeping me ok and having little to no scar formation.

Broadway community

I first doing Broadway stuff back in 2016 during my freshman year of college when i saw the radio city rockettes
by accident. Since then the Broadway community has been with open arms and
i had auditions it made me realize that i have a spot in the acting community
and that you don't need to sound like Celine Dion to be in the show. If i could
choose any show to be in i choose mean girls or waitress.  I also hosted my
first awards show as a professional blogger the drama league awards back
in may. I met some cool stars on Broadway i even met Andrew Garfield! hes
so cool in real life. I also met one of my favorite new stars Ashley parks and Erica
hennigston and the other plastics at north shore.

I'm thankful for my amazing team for giving me a new look even
though this happened in 2016 when i had completely changed my
physical appearance. Everyone might have been shocked by the
new Stephanie but I'm loving it. Life started changing after my high
school graduation. I started doing grow up things and even changed
my look i feel more feminine and more grown up in this new look.

I'm thankful for everyone in my life

thank you for being there in the last 20 years it hasn't been easy

there will always be battles and I'm glad to go with it y'all . I love

you all so much and that goes to my new friends i made this year

Gracie your one of them! and my 2 other blonde's Alexis and Jesse.

I Cant forget olivia the elgort fam thank you and thank you to each and everyone

of you i love you and to my fans i love you all bumblebees! and thank

you for changing my life.

Go and enjoy turkey and ill be back on here after thanksgiving break and cheers

tbt the 2017 turkey!

Christmas at the today show with the radio city rockettes

 Christmas is my favorite time of the year it always has and always will. There is nothing better than the harmony of Christmas music and the holly jolly cheer. Did i mention the amazing attractions that new york city has to offer during Christmas. The many different places such as my favorite the Rockefeller center Christmas tree. Ill go more into depth Christmas in new york when my Christmas guide video comes out in early December. Today i had the fun morning and pleasure of being the today show with the hosts of the show and my favorite dancers from the radio city Christmas spectacular the rockettes. I actually had my first professional acting audition at radio city during my freshman year of college. Its always fun to see the rockettes i first saw the Christmas spectacular back in 2016 by accident. I was looking to buy a new canon video camera and with extra time of my hands i saw the radio city rockettes. The show is fun for the whole family and this year is bigger than ever. Hint you might find them in my big Christmas guide video.  The rockettes performed their newest jingle the finale to the show ''christmas lights'' every year the show gets better than ever.  Aside from the rockettes i really loved how for the first time i got to see those folks at the rock put the star on the tree.  The tree will be light in their annual ceremony in two weeks from today and if your in NY you should check it out. If your gonna try to go see the tree just make sure your there early i went one year around 5pm and the gates were already closed.  I love Christmas and the feeling of it grab your self a hot coco with me and say cheers to a magical holiday season.

this holiday season what are you looking forward to ? I'm looking forward to everything cheers

Great stretches for running and jogging

November Goals 2018

Its finally November and this year has flown by so quickly like a rock ship going really fast. Is it me or did it feel like yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2018? and now we are almost at the end of it. 2018 was one rock ship year for me so much life changing things has happened a surgery life changing decisions among other things. This year I've learned its ok to say no and I've also learned if you have opportunities in life waiting for you go for it. Here are some my November goals.

Stephanie's November goals

  • Finish the first draft of my manuscript i work on it a average of 3 1/2 hours per day for at least 3 days a week. Hint its related to the topic of love 
  • Go back to the gym I'm trying out different gyms when i work out recently my routine is  i normally go jogging or walking or even push ups and sit ups.
  •  Read a new book my book club is reading food geniuses i wanna get other new reads. 
  • Go on a trip before thanksgiving living in NY is great and so is college but sometimes you need to get away from the city too much of it is exhausting.
More social i love making new friends each day and something i want more and more of.

These are some of my November goals what are yours? I'm happy to be back ill return to making videos next week not the upcoming week the week after. The videos wont be every single week just every 2 weeks or 3. As a creator and person I've learned its never ok to overwork your brains and bite of more than you can chew.  I love you all  i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

Tips on getting big boobs

xoxo-Stephanie New content returns in early november while i work on my other projects love you yall

lspy generation beauty ny 2018

Tips for college and a successful career

When it comes to adulthood it can be scary whether your just out of high school and that's
literally the best feeling in the world.  Once high school ends your childhood days are officially
over and your entered into the world of adulthood. I remember when i was a child i wanted to be a
singer and actress and had a strong passion for dance. I almost made it in the 3rd grade to some a ballroom dancing finalists thing if i wasn't so nervous. When your young you kinda have an idea of what you want to be and your dreams and when you get older that passion grows stronger. You go threw 3 stages in the pyramid before college. When it comes to college choosing a career path can be difficult and I've been there. I was that girl during freshman year unhappy with my major my life and what i was doing.I was that girl who entered college with a life i ''supposed to have'' and not the life i deserved. Many people go that I'm here to give you some tips to avoid that collegy nightmare. It stood me to my sophomore/junior year of college to finally say ''no I'm doing what bests for me not for what the world wants or whats its supposed to be''

Choosing a major

When it comes to college choosing a major can be exciting and its the best
part it tells you the kinda career your gonna get in that field.  Its hard especially when
your a freshman and your parents want you to be a doctor or lawyer but you don't want that.
Go for what you want not for what others want for you and think you should pursue a career in.
In the end they cant decide the kinda family your gonna have or have many children or how to
pay your bills.   Don't give a damn about the ''no''s let those people worry about their own stuff.
If you want to go study acting dancing art i say go for it. In the end when you graduate you'll be open to many opportunities and jobs and can finally get that car/house you always wanted!. I was studying nursing my freshman year during my sophomore year i was like f it and now I'm studying fashion essentinals in one of the top schools of NY and then studying acting in a nearby future. I told my self Stephanie you deserve better! Same message goes to all of you out there!.

Studying time

When it comes to college work finals tests exams they are so much harder than the work in
grade school. When i say harder i mean more study time and its harder to get a b on a paper then it is
in grade school. The professors don't care what excuses you make if you miss a class or don't good on a paper. They just want you to learn and succeed and get the and understand the material.  Study really hard for work you get in college whether its any subject you wont regret in the end. The work is difficult so its important that you study. Studying isn't just going on blackboard and reading power points you don't learn bonkers from that. The best way is taking notes on the PowerPoint's asking questions in class.  Someone told me you can also learn from homework and making friends with classmates. Its also good to have a study buddy and at the say time succeed from doing homework as well. Instead of partying sometimes stay in and do homework review study and that's the only way you'll succeed. '' I got my first A in college and that put me a smile on my face i didn't party much to get that a'' you can do it too.


When it comes to college food is very important even though you cant eat in class depending
on the professor you can eat outside of class. The best way to save money on food while your on campus is apps. If you have a Mobile smart phone and iPhone such they have a app store. When you download apps you get savings. Try downloading apps and buying your food before your next class. Wake up early before you get to school and buy food. My favorite apps are panera bread they give out free food alot ! i got free soup coffee on numerous times. Another favorite of mine is pret coffee they have organic food and coffee is also organic another app that sometimes gives you free coffee. And other apps such as dun kin,Starbucks you'll be happy with these apps!

And lastly enjoy college not only studying and succeeding but having fun make friends you only live once!

Stephanie on the wendy williams show

my experience on the Wendy Williams show was amazing meeting Wendy Williams for the first time was even more amazing. Shes just as cool as she is on tv and i love her studio the comfyness the DJ the way she treats to her audience with appreciation and respect shes amazing. Ill be doing another Wendy video sometime in December. I'm getting ready for other projects and college and such.  Thank you Wendy for having me on set and on the show. If you want you can get free tickets on the shows website. you might spot me in the audience love her show. Xoxo-Stephanie

Fitness Monday Finding right gym

Look book wedding dresses

In my the very first look book i show you some wedding dresses from some collections from Macy's they are perfect for the brides wedding. This is from the Brianna papillae new york collection which can be found at Macy's.  These dresses add sparkle and stars to a girls wedding dress.  To all my brides out there if you try this let me know in the comments below.

Until next time xoxo-Stephanie

Rewelcome to living life with Stephanie

Get rewarded for eating out

    I'm a big fan of restaurant's and like to eat out a couple nights a week i love the feeling of
food including the carby and fat food.   On face book i came across a app called seated and saw it was a app that you can find restaurant's and make reservations ahead of time. My favorite thing about making reservations is that you don't have sit outside when the restaurant is really packed. Which on most days are on Friday nights and Sundays. When you download the app not only can you make reservations but you can get rewarded for eating at a establishment.  They have a variety of gift cards such as Starbucks my fave i love Starbucks. You can also get a ride home they also have gift cards for lyft.  The app is currently available cities such as Providence,Boston,Chicago,Miami,Houston and a couple of other cities.  Each different restaurant has a different kind of reward but despite the difference in rewards its always good to eat out. It wouldn't be fun eating out alone you can also bring your friends and fam enjoy a night out of fun and food.  In NYC they have many different restaurant's such as la volie newbury and peit robert bistro. So many great yummy and different types of food restaurant's.  

You know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Summer fab fit fun box is here

Every summer its always good to have the main essentials whether its suntan lotion or
beach towels its good and important to have the essentinals. What if you could have all those essentials in one box? That you didn't you need to go to cvs or any other drug store and pick up the items one by one and be frustrated and get stressed over it.  You wont need to hassle over one by one item picking instead grab your self a summer fab fit fun box. Fab fit fun just released their new summer fit fab fun box and it all the summer essentials in just one box.  Some of the items needed for summer are foreo luna fofo,coola face sport spf white tea moisturizer and the pier 1 imports marble ring dish. Not to mention many other items that could save your summer alot of trouble and save you from a summer hassle.  Each fab fit fun summer box is valued at 321.99-367.99 but you can get it for only 40.00 and with my promo codes you can be able to save 10.00 more. Here are some promo codes to save your summer and get your box. Use each promo code to save 10 dollars off your next box! and save your summer.

So what are you waiting for grab your fab fit fun summer box threw out the hot and summer days.

* This post is sponsored by fab fit fun and I'm a fab fit partner all opinions are on my own!

i love to hear your comments 


Cherry cola oreo taste test

When it comes to oreos I'm the happiest bumblebee in the hive I've loved oreos since i was a
child. My love for oreos started when i was four when my mom and dad would put oreos in the my lunchbox at school i always hated school lunch and would bring food from home.  My mom and dad would always bring oreos in the house i just love every flavor of oreos not every flavor. Some of the flavors oreo comes up taste like sugar paste and seasoning or a broken sweetened candle. Some flavors I've tasted tested not very found of were apple pie and pumpkin spice. Both of those flavors tasted nothing like i expected or close to the actual food item but reminded me of sugar paste in my mouth with a ton of seasoning like spices used in baking those delious treats.  When i came across the 3 Oreo flavor creation finalists i was a bit scared to try all of 3 them. They all sounded way too weird to be considered flavors. Out all of 3 flavors cherry cola,pina colada and kettle corn i only agreed to try one of them.  Kettle corn has bird food in them and i only give bird food to my budgies and i don't eat bird food. Pina colada sounded way too sweet to be a cookie considering the real drink is often used with rum and is too sweet without rum. In the end after all the hype from my fans and supporters i decided to give cherry cola Oreo a taste test.  When you open the package you get these sweet smell of cherry cola soda. It smells exactly and very similar with a kick of sweetness and almost like a candle smell.  When i took my first bite i got the yummy vanilla cream with the cherry filing along with pop rocks in my mouth. When you bite into the cookie you get this taste of vanilla cookie and then pop rocks following it along with some cherry flavor. I kind of feel like that they should have just left the pop rocks aka the popping candy out and just make it cherry vanilla flavored.  Surpisely it didn't taste like just artificial sugar and a plain sweetened candle. Overall i say its not so bad i know the poprocks is supposed to give it that carbonated feeling but it was in the way of the actual flavor. I wouldn't buy this every time i go to the market just like i do with regular oreos. I would sometimes pick it up for a quick snack. It also did kind of remind me a little cherry macaroon and i love macaroons. I would give it 3 stars of 5 just because of the poprocks in the way. Would i vote it in the contest? Yes I've been voting once a day for this flavor and i hope it wins considering its the only normal flavor i like. You can vote for oreo creation finalists

i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

any requests click on contact box i take requests on my blog and all my social media sites. :)

Fitness friday dont be hungry on the go part 1

   Being on the go can be sometimes be up and down like a heartache for food. I
tend to get hungry almost every hour or at least every few hours. Here are some tips on if your not to go to always somewhat full and not hungry like a wolf or you feel like you ran 20 miles and your hearts racing.  When it comes to a bag of chips i like to keep one in my bag just for a quick bite i recommend keeping a bag of pretzels in your bag. Pretzels are kinda like bread and are the closest thing to healthy when it comes to the chip world and a big bag costs 1.49 at any store.  My favorite bars aside from chocolate is granola bars. They always keep me full and sometimes i eat one whenever in a quick run for a breakfast run but cant have a big breakfast.  My favorite granola bars are the Luna bars they have amazing flavors and my favorite ones are that contain chocolate and nuts i love chocolate.  Other bars such as Lara Cliff are all good too the cookie dough is amazing and they have amazing flavors that remind of you cake.  Some other things i recommend are even a candy bar just not everyday maybe once in a blue moon m&ms or a snickers bar.  Being hungry on the go is a big no and not to mention water is the most important always carry water with you!. I hope you enjoyed this post this is the last fitness Friday where is blogging as opposed to video blogging. Fitness Friday moves to video blogging starting this June!. New episodes will be every 2 weeks starting this June on my YouTube as well on my blog. Leave me a comment below on what you carry on the go ? i love to hear your comments. xoxo-Stephanie

Hosting Drama league awards red carpet

Hi everyone and i hope your all having a lovely day so far and full of sweetness as well.
When it comes to being a blogger it not as easy as it looks and seems there is alot of planning
and things to be able to be great content and joy for the readers and fans and the many people who
support blogs that makes blogs possible. I got the joy to host my very first red carpet event as not only as a blogger but as a company representing Living life with Stephanie. It was the first time i got to experience a red carpet event and have the joy that comes it. I tried hosting the 2016 vmas back when it was my home city Manhattan but instead came home upset of how hard i work on my blog yet saw other people wearing fancy clothing and being like hey why isn't that me in that white gown? . Since then i realized that i was just starting out and sometimes you have to push the world so they can see the amazing bumblebee that you are. When i emailed the director of the drama league community regarding the red carpet event for the drama league awards i never expected a email right back. I got a straight yes and welcome letter to host the red carpet awards for the drama league awards.  I'm not gonna lie i never really noticed the Broadway community despite living in NYC for all my life. When mean girls on Broadway came out and started doing previews i got a warm welcome from Broadway community and realized they could help me not only in Broadway but in other jobs and get my face known in the world.!  In a mini recap of the drama league awards held at my favorite hotel the Marriott in times square. They were many stars and i pretended like i knew all of them when i only knew the cast of mean girls Broadway and Andrew Garfield who's currently staring in angels of Broadway and stared in one of my favorite movies the social network.  I got to see many other publicists as well as do press with mac makeup !. Aside from the red carpet the plastics from mean girls Broadway Taylor Kate and Ashley held the actual event.  Which was like a dream filled with tables and fancy white decor with amazing food.  I had a great time being with Broadways biggest stars. You can go to to purchase tickets to see a broadway show and don't forget if you see any of them comment below which musical do you like? i love to hear your comments until next time love you xoxo-Stephanie

Diy sugar cherry vanilla lipscrub

Hi everyone and happy tuesday today i started off my day with breakfast strawberry pancakes and aside of french vanilla coffee. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and its the first thing i like to have before i go to work or school.  One of my favorite things i'm gonna love doing come this summer and my youtube channel is in full force with new videos every fri sat and sun. I'm been getting extremely creative with diy products such as diy makeup things you can use from home to turn into beauty products. One of my favorite products is lip scrubs they help exflorate your lips and keep them soft.  I thought i share my first diy cherry vanilla lipscrub/balm that i made. The diys and other fun stuff will be on videos when my canon and new laptop comes in.

Diy cherry vanilla scrub by Stephanie

What you will need

1 box of strawberry jello
1 small containor (paint pot)
1 bottle of vanilla (1 drop)
1 small travel size vaseline
1 1/2 tea spoon of water

1) First take half of a scoop of vaseline and put it in the microwave for a good 60
seconds depending on the watts of the microwave i say 30 or 60

2) In a small bowl take half of the strawberry jello and mix it in with the vaseline

3) Add in a drop of vanilla extract into the scrub

4) Add it a half teaspoon of water ( dont add too much or it will be turn into a lip balm as opposed to a scrub)

5) Put the scrub in the fridge for 7 to 8 hours ( i found this easy to use instead of just using it right away)

Enjoy using the scrub i've been using mine and i found it gives me kissable lips and makes yummy too.

Leave me in the comments below if you tried this lip scrub i love to hear your comments

New cosmic coollata review Stephanie runs on dunkin

These past couple of days in NYC have been oven like weather feeling like your in a big oven. Every time we get this kind of weather and I'm not by the waters I'm like how come we don't get the cold back ! My favorite season is spring not too hot or too cold and you can go outside all day and everyday. When i heard of dun kin donuts new coolata drinks despite the many sugars and carbs I'm not afraid to try to drink sugary drinks . Its ok to be able to enjoy sugary drinks and eat all the amazing food in the world. The one thing you just got to remember is that you always burn it off and its ok. When i took my first sip of the cosmic blue raspberry coolata it reminded me of those cotton candy ice cream pops i used to eat from the ice cream truck.  Theres a icy cotton candy kick to it and then comes the surgary sweetness of raspberry blue flavor.  Who would have thought raspberry and cotton candy make a great sweet team? This is has got to be of the greatest coolatas flavors dun kin ever had since strawberry.  Overall it was very good you drink the coolata and you get a sweet kick of cotton candy and a mixture of blue raspberry.  Its perfect for a hot summer day and one of those drinks you have by the beach. I give it 4 stars out of 5!
what did you think of the cosmic coolata? did you try it ? i love to hear your thoughts you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

to binder or to not binder?

 When its comes to dating I'm very open minded when it comes to finding the right boyfriend.
No guy is perfect and doesn't have the perfect features and perfect look either hes just fine the way he is.  I don't look for love like buying a bag of really good m&ms picking it without even thinking about the ingredients used to make the m&ms. When it comes to dating some people cry about being single.  Which is the key for I'm desperate and looking for a partner even if i means using for sex then getting dumped. Not to mention that they will go to great lengths to find a partner and with things such as phone's and technology we have dating apps such as 'qumble'' and binder''  the two dating apps that are most used in finding a ''date''.  Do those dating apps really help you find a date? or just key for someone who just wants to act a slut and have mean less sex.  For me i don't like dating apps at all and will never use them to find ''true love''. No one really finds true love when it comes to these apps.  When it comes to these apps you never really know who you are talking to or who the person really is.  Ive heard really weird stories of people who have met dates on dating apps and the stories make me wanna hide in corner.  Do really people find love on dating apps? or is it just plain desperate code for desperate? i love to hear your opinion comment below on what you think on dating apps?

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

* fyi all opinions are my own you choose whether or not to use dating apps!

Weekend recap Earth day

This weekend union square had their annual earth day festival that commemorates earth day and
other things related to saving our earth.  They were many different vendors such as zico coconut water and honest tea. Getting to speak with the many different people at the event and how we could reduce the things that harm our earth. It made me question should we really be using things such as paper textbooks for schools? or switch to an alternate such as studying on ipads and using laptops to take our notes instead of pen and paper.  It was really fun and it wasn't just about saving our earth but eating healthy as well. Just like the earth what we do put it in our bodies pollutes it and makes us weaker. Eating foods with more healthy approach such as eating granola bars instead of donuts for breakfast. We could help make the world a better place if we just do the right thing and don't mess around.  What would things do you do to help our earth? and help your body as well? I love to hear
your comments.

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Movie night midnight sun

     One of the things i love about getting to go to the movies is seeing a good romance and
every time a new romance movie comes out I'm always pumped to be running to the theatre. Ive saw
everyday when it came out loved the theme not so much the movie at all. When i saw midnight sun
was coming out i went to the theatre on the days I'm usually working from home and saw midnight sun on a early Tuesday afternoon. First starters let me say that midnight sun is nothing like the movie
everything everything that came out last year. Ive seen both movies and they are nothing alike expect
for the cute sweet romance in both films. Also the fact they deal with a sickness that sounds the same but really isn't if you watch everything everything you'll get it when i say they might ''sound the same''.   In the movie midnight sun the main character Katie price has xp and cant go out into the sunlight or she could die.  Katie price despite not being able to go to into the sunlight for all of her life managed to keep her sanity and is like any other teenager.  She plays music at night and hangs out only at night. I love her Katie kept her happiness threw out the film despite her illness and having a sheltered life. I think Bella thorne did amazing job at portraying her character and music too. I love the music she sings in the film. Its not only great music but adds pollen to the movie and makes you want to enjoy it even more.  I not only love her character but her love interest charlie played by Patrick shwargter. When we first meet his character we see he just graduated from high school and is
one of the popular hot guys. Hes one of the popular not an asshole type guys which to me its kinda cool. I loved how charlie in the film didn't judge Katie despite her not telling him about her disease and all the mystery that comes with it. He seems to handle it compared to how guys would handle it and not take it very good. I love the chemistry between charlie and Katie and how it might seem a typical teenage romance but shows that despite any sickness nothing should get in the way of love. They are other characters in the film i loved such as Morgan Katie's bff and how she became a sister
to Katie and shes a  funny character. If her character or charlies wasn't in the film it would just been plain right sad. They were a few scenes in midnight sun that made me cry such as the places charlie takes
Katie and how her makes her feel.  Overall it wasn't the best romance of all time its a teen romance its not a jack and rose adult romance. Its a cute bubbly romance meet for young adults kinda typical but enjoyable. Compared to other teen romances I've seen in the past this one was better than the other ones I've seen.  I rate it 4 out of 6 stars in its terms.  Have you guys seen midnight sun ? what did you think? do you plan to see it ?  I love  to hear your comments down below.

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

Fitness Saturday tips on getting rid of painful cramps

 Cramps are the worst kind of pain anyone could ever have whether its a feeling of getting punched
in the stomach or someone stabbing you lots of times. Getting cramps or whether its a woman's menstrual period or cramps from doing things such as excessive workouts. Its a headache and it
disrupts you from doing everyday life. Here are some tips to get rid of cramps.

  • Drinking Hot tea- Drinking tea such as green ,sweet natural tea help get rid of
the soreness that comes from cramps and makes it slightly better. I love having sweet 

tea it does the trick whenever i have it with food and one painkiller such as Advil. 

  • Chewing gum- One of my favorite gums to do the trick is the one with 
really strong mint flavoring such as dentyn ice chewing a couple of them helps 

get rid of the cramps in no time!. 

  • Yoga-its one of my favorite things in the world it helps with not just cramps sleep
as well. 

  • Healthy veggies and fruits -Swapping out fast food meals that contain high sodium 
and are only bound to make it worse swapping it out be a good thing. Eating foods with celery 

broccoli and other veggies help you not with cramps and soreness but bring energy back the body 

has lost from the pain. My recommendation is things such as pure green juice with many green 

veggies or a bowl with many green veggies.  Fruits too banana is the best fruit to get rid of cramps 

oatmeal too.  

I hope you enjoyed the fitness saturday (originally fitness Friday) if you have any suggestions
for a future fitness Friday or any kind of blog post or videos which are slated to start in April leave me 
a comment below.  I love you guys and xoxo-Stephanie 

The spring fab fit box 400 dollar makeup just 40 bucks!

* This post is sponsored by fab fit fun and I'm a partner of fab fit fun but all of my opinions are
my own. 

    Being a girl i loved playing with makeup trying on new lipsticks ,and eye shadows etc.

Every girl knows the struggle of finding good makeup that isn't cheap and doesn't 

contain any chemicals. There is a big difference between a 1 dollar lipstick from any brand and a

20 dollar lipstick from mac which is the best.  Its not just about makeup but other beauty faves such a

a face mask and other goodies that help keep our skin nice and healthy and clean. One of the things i 

hate are dark circles and blemishes using the products from the box i was able to get rid of those and 

cover any insecurities that i had.  The best part about the box you save a ton of money compared to 

buying similar products from sephora in which you crack the bank.  Did i forget to mention the box 

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Movie night fifty shades of freed

The best apart about going to the movies no commercials is when the movie starts and your
already with your popcorn soda and berry hibiscus's from starbs. I was dying to see this movie
considering the fact its was the final chapter and i loved the 2 movies of the franchise. Ive read fifty
shades of freed the book and knew how it ended but wanted to see up close. Going to the theatre on a Monday i was surprised it was kind of almost a full house but got a great deal from amc. If you sign up for amc stubs you get a free large popcorn on your birthday and drink depending on your membership.  There was no better way to start the movie than with Ana and christian romantic wedding. Note if you haven't seen the movie don't read this post spoilers ahead!
Threw out the movie i found it slightly interesting and at the same time slightly boring. I Give
it credit for making the movie extremely realistic. What made it slightly boring with some of the scenes are things we do in real life such as the honeymoon being at work and other things such as
learning how to cook and teaching your husband how to cook.  I kinda feel like threw out the boring scenes were just emptiness's trying to fill out the time and making the movie unnecessary longer. The only reason i got threw some of the scenes was because I'm a big fan of the series and support both
Dakota Johnson and Jamie doran work. Not to mention Christian grey is so handsome and charming perfect husband. They was some good scenes in the movie such as the suspense with jack Hyde and his return with his revenge.   If jack Hyde revenge story wasn't added to the movie i kinda feel like the movie would just be a big empty pool with no water and trying to swim in it.  He might be a crazy sexed villain psycho path manic but his storyline was what kept audiences oh my fucking god on the movie theatre seats.  That storyline and Anastasia storyline with her unexpected no pregnancy.
When the doctor told Anastasia she was pregnant i was like oh my and christian many emotions.
Christian despite the dominating man he is could sorta be a father he'll give the child the love he
always wanted.  Threw out the movie in the beginning we see Ana and Christan's wedding and then their interrupted honeymoon with jack attack being back. In the middle of the film which has scenes
that either felt like happened in the other movies or was just really realistic such as the scene where
christian takes Ana on a surprise trip with her friends. Other than that one of the most suspenseful parts of the film that got me on the edge of my seat was when jack tried kidnap Ana in her own apartment.
Which got me thinking holy f**** jack is back and he just tried to kidnap Ana in a very exotic
way. I gotta admit i think the part i like most about the film is christian of how he realizes what
he does and apologizes for it and saves Ana butt threw out the whole movie. In the end i loved
how Christian and Ana worked things and decided to work things out as parents. The ending
that jack got was alright though i hope he stays locked up in prison for a while. ( in which he probs will considering its the last film of the movie) . The two plot twists in the movie also
kept interesting.  It wasn't the best fifty shades movie i think the best one was fifty shades darker
and the first one was OK considering it introduced us to the characters and to the dominant world
of kinky sex and handsome dominant sweet guys.  I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars here is my overview of the series as a whole

fifty shades of grey 4 out of 5 stars - it introduced us to the storyline

fifty shades darker 5 out of 5 stars- its the best one in the whole series

fifty shades darker 3 out of 5 stars-Its way too realistic !

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for movie night but for fun !  You can get 5 dollar ticket when you invite 3 friends and see game night for only 5 bucks when you see the movie threw the app and order your food ahead of time skip the lines and reserve your seats even days before the movie !.

  you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Fashion week

Finding your inner strength

In life the best way to be happy and anxiety free is to let go of the bad feelings the memories or feelings that taunt us to be able to fight and be the greatest person you can be. Finding your inner strength doesn't simply mean your gonna say your gonna do something without putting anything to action.  In life good things take time and effort so how do you find your inner strength among the up downs and roller coaster called life? Here are some tips on finding your inner strength and not letting any forces stop you from becoming the person you were meant to be.

  • Self identity - Aside from your physical appearance learn what do you like? and
how do you define your self ? If your a female but don't like things that's females like but 

connect with the opposite gender than don't be afraid to say hey this who i am. The more happier

you are with your self the more positivity that's around you and that influences those around you 

and you become a better person create a strong force of happiness that creates things such as bonds 

with those around you. 

  • Letting go of bad memories/things that can hurt you physically mentally and emotionally/
Things can such as traumatic experiences change the person we once were to the person we are 

today espsically if its really bad and leaves a scar on our body. It might take time and even years for t

the bad memories to go away but in the end if you put effort into it you cant let those bad memories 

destroy or damage you . You gotta remind your self that your better than that and that you cant let 

anyone or anything break you into pieces that bad memories are just memories and don't let it get to

  • Find something that your good at
Doing things such as dance ,art ,music,writing and turning that into something fun or a hobby or even a career it can help you in the long term. I remember being in my first year of college studying something that was too difficult and that i wasn't good at. When i discovered i further put my career in acting/business/writing. I love doing what i love and it gets a big baggage off my shoulders and puts the sunshine right in the center of the stage. If your not happy at what your doing whether its career wise or hobby ill just keep adding fire to the gasoline and wont get you anywhere.  No matter what everyone says go for your dreams and strive to be the best person you can be. 

What are some of your suggestions on being happy and living life to the fullest? i love to hear your comments you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

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Ansel Elgort - Supernova

Ditching new years resolutions

  Each year i find making new year resolutions doesn't make any sense at all.   In making resolutions all there is frustrations in having to complete them. That's why i don't make new year resolutions and stick to bi weekly monthly and daily goals. If there is something i want to get done ill go for it and chase after it.  Here some tips and how to ditch the frustration of making new years resolutions

Creating a weekly goal

Instead of yearly why create something that can be done in a week for
example go to the gym or finish that paper that's due on Monday (following week) and even simple things like getting grocery and laundry done.

Creating a monthly goal

Creating a goal that can be achieved within the range of a month such as losing 10 pounds or getting a new car and new apartment.

Creating a daily goal

Goals that can be done in a day such as getting to work/school or making sure you eat.

I hope you enjoy these tips and ditching new year resolutions let me know in the comments below if  you plan on ditching the 'new years resolutions'' i love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie