Im a Blood donor !!/donating blood !

It all goes back to November aka a miracle and figured if I donate my blood ill get that miracle that was back in November 2014.I remember being disappointed telling my old English teacher ms m. That I wasn't able to donate I remember her telling me that there is gonna be a time where I was gonna be able to donate my blood that time was august 3rd 2015 over ten months since that conversation.When January hit my local mall decided hey lets do blood drives every 3 weeks when I tried to donate blood in January one month before my seventeenth birthday I went into the bus mobile and found out I still wasn't eligible to donate because of my weight and my height I kept trying till I gave up when July came and I didn't get that miracle ive been wanting for years now I thought hey I still haven't gotten that miracle and maybe if I donate my blood ill get that miracle over the past weekend there was a blood drive but I chose not to try again on Saturday since today my work site was doing one and I was seventeen gotten taller and weighed very good I thought I give it shot today after I ate my lunch a granola parfait with tons of fruit and a orange/peach citrus juice from the juice bar at my work site I thought I give it a shot part of me thought hey steph your not gonna get threw it they are gonna make up some story saying you weight too little or your height again and your gonna get upset again :( But I thought of my miracle and how there was a shot if I get threw this I might get that miracle. So after lunch that parfait was good by the way. I headed to my department told my boss at my department I was going to the blood drive and headed upstairs there was a other girl and some guy. I was met with professional doctors/nurses who had everything set up from chairs/beds tables filled with oreos and my favorite apple juice pretzels gran crackers chips when I saw that table first thought I'm in even though I was nervous a little bit its a big needle and a pint of blood and the thoughts since I failed so many times that I might not be able to donate blood or get my miracle or the fact what if I get a heart attack? what I pass out and the doctors will send me to the er? what if I get into a coma? what if I die? of course as I finished filling out the forms and was gonna hand in to the doctor there.  I told my self Stephanie your not gonna die your gonna be OK even if you do fail you could walk out that room and leave without your treats or without those lives being saved. But I did pass the guy opened the book asked for my height ''im 5.5'' I said I weight 115'' pounds Is that okay will I be able to donate ?'' I ask a tad bit nervous and awaiting his response. ''Yes mam you'll met the requirements your gonna be able to donate its ok''
   A wave of shockness flown threw my body my chest my universe I finally passed but wait my iron what if that stops me? I thought.
     The guy in the blue suit yes he had a blue new York blood center uniform.
He takes a tiny prick of blood from my finger puts it in some machine it beeps really loudly. ''Did I pass do I have enough iron?'' I ask him awaiting his response.
    '' yes your ok he then sends me to the donor bed I cant believe it I passed I'm donating blood still a tad bit of all those thoughts I had in my head earlier the nurse tells me to calm down that its gonna be ok alright Diana that's was her name I trust you I think but I just respond ok . She inserts the needle I n my arm this is it I say as the blood follows down the stream into the pint of blood bag theres no turning back your saving a life steph and your not gonna die or pass out or anything like that. I Feel fine the whole thing as the blood flew the bag. After it was done it took longer than fifteen minutes went in there around 150 didn't leave till 240 but it was worth it . After the bag was filled and Diana took out the needle from my bruised right arm I felt so happy smiles on my face a joy of happiness I did it. Long story short I asked Diana a whole bunch of questions just to be safe. :)
  It was done everyone had asked if I was ok even one of my bosses ''im fine I don't feel dizzy shockingly like most people do I feel fine''. I sit down on the food table and drink apple juice and a bag of pretzels. Me and my boss and the NY blood center talk about how I cant donate till September 28th.
 I'm ok with It I told them I might do it again in October or November at the hospital or at my schools blood drive. We smile I walked out the room with happiness also they gave me some snacks to take home and a ice pack for my bruised up arm. I saved 3 lives today and that's something! something that took years months but it was worth it and I encourage everyone to donate blood if you can! save that life.

maybe now ill get that miracle?

Rip Anita Angel 11-28-07-1-25-15 a eulogy for anita

  Over the past couple of months for almost a year my budgie Anita Angel had been battling a unknown sickness it would come back and fourth for months and months he would be ill and then he would be healthy again the next month neither did I know that Anita's sickness hadn't left he just been hiding it like most budgies would. Over the past weekend And week all Anita would wanna do is sleep he would sleep hours on end and wouldn't wake up to eat at times on Sunday a day before his death I had stood with him with him he slept and didn't eat I thought he was just cold and nothing would happen he would sleep and no matter what noise was around him he wouldn't want to wake up on Monday morning just as I was getting ready for my afternoon regents exam for English I woke up with Anita beside me sleeping he looked peacefully so calmly and I spent his last hours with him and just before I left I was cheering Anita looked awake and he looked at me so happy. I had thought that when I would come home I would see him on the stick when I came home that afternoon I didn't see Anita siting on the stick I just saw Abby there and Anita was no where to be found when I looked around the cage I saw Anita laying there lifeless not moving on the corner and screamed Anita had died and this is a private matter and in which I wont discuss much Anita Angel fought as hard as he could and he fought till very last second and I know Anita we bought him on a cold wintery night and he left on a cold wintery day.  Anita was a good budgie he had always dreamed of being a daddy after my parakeet sunshine had her baby.  Anita was a brave budgie he let you cuddle with him and he sit there next to you I have very found memories of Anita Angel and I'm gonna miss dearly no bird could ever take his place he is still president of the house president of the house hold.I will always cherish the memories I had with Anita though he no longer here with us he is always in our hearts and spirt and I know hes heaven crossing over the rainbow bridge Anita I miss you and I cant wait to see you again someday you were one of the strongest budgies I had ever known I still look at the cross on your tummy in photos and just think these photos I will cherish them forever I love you Anita Angel rest in peace Solider.

Anita Angel

November 28th 2007-January 26 2015.