Dear Future Self.

 Dear Future Stephanie

  I'm writing a letter to you so in a few years when your off to college and planning out your big future you don't make the same mistakes you did now as a sixteen yr old teenager steph when you get older or whenever you wanna start dating don't rush things don't rush for big things like sex love and first kisses you don't want the relationship to be so rushed it gets horribly and you wind up getting your heart broken and also when you get to college its college talk to some people your gonna be dealing with adults not robots and not immature teenagers.  When you get to college high school would be a thing of the past.
  Read more and when i mean read i mean read books you haven't read yeah its always good to re read the twilight series and the fault in our stars and maybe fifty shades of grey but they are other great books out there like the newest pll book called toxic or the selection or even if i stay or fly girl but yeah everything you think you know about the past is the past don't let the past catch up to haunt you the past belongs to the past nothing else but the past LIVE IN THE PRESENT ! not in the past not in the future in the present.  Learn to move on from mistakes and say f you to the people who dont trust you or like you.   Live life and feel free to live it funly and freely.  Once you get your first job hopefully this summer dont waste your money on useless things use on things that are worthy also dont be afraid to be your self people are gonna love you for who you are.  Finally stick to your goals and to future steph take care of your self will you :).

                                                                                                    Love Present Steph.

So yeah thats my letter to my future Self feel free to love and to cherish and leave me a comment below on what would you want to say to your future self. 

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