I Love Rclbeauty101

Hi everyone so almost the beginning of 2013 i discovered videos of Rachel aka rclbeauty101 on YouTube. I just got addicted to her videos i began watching them for hours and i realized we had a connection. One day i followed her twitter and pray that she tweet me and she did i was jumping when i saw this tweet

Awesome moment she also has favorited alot of my tweets shes one of the people who were there
for me when i fell into a depression when my bird bobo passed away we spoke i think it was in email
and i just felt alot better.I'm not really close to my sisters anymore life happens.
Shes is amazing i love all of her videos and shes one of the greatest humans on earth i consider her kinda like a best friend you know. I hope you check her out on YouTube and Rachel if your reading this i love you and hope one day you can follow me on twitter @precioussteph98 and become a fan of angel wings so much more to come on this blog .