Things guys dont understand about periods

 So girls like me get something we don't like called menstruation also known as period now every month we deal with cramps headache a lot of drowsiness's and sometimes contractions and throwing up oh yeah we bleed a lot too I'm not ashamed to be doing this blog post any girl who has a period already knows what this feels including me now I don't have a boyfriend but I've seen reality and there are some things guys think their understand but don't about a girls period. when we get our period girls relating we don't like it it hurts it feels nasty and it's disgusting please don't let me talk about the blood part ewe. anyways luckily we have have tampons which I don't like and pads and period cup which the period cup I never tried and guessing it feels uncomfortable. On with the post when us girls get cramps it hurts it's like getting punched in the stomach for a long time taking a bat and beating up you're stomach for a long time try taking you're stomach and putting it over you're head yeah it hurts when I get it it makes me wanna rip my womb and stomach out no guy has ever had period cramps so they cant say they know what it feels like yes guys out there try a dog chewing you're friend down you're pants yes cramps are the worst part of the period while 7 days flowing with blood! the blood why do we bleed it happens we are protected by that with period cups tampons and pads.
why do we get cranky? our hormones are out of control of the pain we feel we get mad but if I get mad because of that I won't take it on you. every single guy out there don't assume a girl on her period oh because she's mad at you or getting loud at you no that's how it works. So yeah I made this post for every single person out there female and male comment below of what you hate about menstruation aka you're period or if you're a guy comment one thing you hate when you know a girl on her period?