The idea of relationships Love needs to be in it

Hey I'm not blogging tomorrow so if your gonna go on my blog which you are free are to spend time there as long you like. Wednesdays are always are so short tomorrow my birds birthday Anita and i want to time with my little angel so no blogging tomorrow as you can tell smiley Wednesday is up early.   So when i think of relationships I Think of course 2 people together and just loving each other.  I have seen relationships fall less than a year and my experience of my first crush and the one that got away. Relationships are fucking serious to me whether theres crazy sex or not their fucking serious to me.  I Cant stand it when i see a guy treat a girl like shes nothing and calls them selves a "man" Really a real man does not a treat girl like shes nothing she might be so annoying and the worst person in a planet but i mean no one should a girl cry oh because she wants to impress him and he doesn't like her when i see that in a news. I watched Anderson show when it was at 4 and this girl was getting abused and treated like shit. If i ever see a guy slap punch or force kiss in front of me i will go there and make a devil scene girls are like bagels we need to treated nice and respected and no fear of getting beat up .   But then girls get all hypocrite and treat sweet nice guys the same way abusive then the guy does not want to leave her cause hes love her. No human or anything deserves that kinda treatment and your getting that kind of treatment get help before Death interferes in it.  Just giving you helpful advice if you like someone don't be afraid to tell them say i like you and if they reject you screw them there are missing out on a great person . My point is if theres no love in a relationship then whats is it what is it if there is no love ? Its just like a phone you cant even call ? What is it ? you tell me i want know your opinion on relationships anything about it leave me a comment.  I gotta go now so bye.

loving the special someone and not caring what anyone thinks! ♥

So if theres someone out there you really love and is a good person sweet charming person not a criminal or anything like that you love the special someone but everyone like hes a no good for you youll never get anywhere with him or her well i want you to take those words and burn them dont listen to them you wont get anything but something but sadness if you listen to them if youre truley in love with this person chase after them dont ever let them go let them know how you feel like whats the point of feeling sad and let everyone torture you when you really love that person makes no sense at all just run their arms and tell them you dont care what anyone thinks and you wanna be with them itll make more sense remember dont let anyone torture love let it be free.  thanks for reading bye.

us girls on their period and boys not understanding it

So girls like me get something we don't like called menstruation also known as period now every month we deal with cramps headache alot of drowsiness's and sometimes contractions and throwing up oh yeah we bleed alot too I'm not ashamed to be doing this blog post any girl who has a period already knows what this feels including me now i don't have a boyfriend but I've seen reality and they're are some things guys think their understand but don't about a girls period. when we get our period girls relating we don't like it it hurts it feels nasty and its disgusting please don't let me talk about the blood part ewe. anyways luckily we have tampons which i don't like and pads and period cup which the period cup i never tried and guessing it feels uncomfortable.  On with the post when us girls get cramps it hurts its like getting punched in the stomach for a long time taking a bat and beating up you're stomach for a long time try taking you're stomach and putting it over you're head yeah it hurts when i get it it makes me wanna rip my womb and stomach out no guy has ever had period cramps so they cant say they know what it feels like yes guys out there try a dog chewing you're friend down you're pants yes cramps is the worst part of the period while 7 days flowing with blood ! the blood why do we bleed it happens we are protected by that with period cups tampons and pads.
why do we get cranky ? our hormones are out of control the pain we feel we get mad but if i get mad because of that i wont take it on you.  every single guy out there don't assume a girl on her period oh because shes mad at you or getting really loud at you no that's how it works. so yeah i made this post for every single person out there female and male comment below of what you hate about menstruation aka you're period or if you're a guy comment one thing you hate when you know a girl on her period ? okay I'm off to go eat and then sleep soon bye.

since this post was about periods tweet follow onmyperi0d on twitter they're funny and comedy account and yeah are for girls bye .

oatmeal dunkin donuts mccafe or stephs homemade oatmeal?

so this oatmeal talk if you don't like to eat oatmeal you obviously haven't tried it which you're parents  didn't you give you oatmeal in you're entire life. now mccafe aka McDonald's has oatmeal dunkin donuts has oatmeal and well if you have a recipe of you're oatmeal special kind i do to. okay so i tasted McDonald's oatmeal fucking 2:50 for a small cup of oatmeal (Quaker) cream milk and fresh fruit. i wasted my money on that you could find all that stuff at you're local supermarket.  dunkin donuts has Quaker oatmeal with brown sugar and fruit the same exact items i have in my house cause Quaker oatmeal is the jam when you wanna eat oatmeal eat Quaker! you can make oatmeal in you re house.  put in the cup for on the go for breakfast. so here is my question would you rather eat oatmeal from a place like dd and Md's or make you're own comment below. PS would you add bananas and strawberries to you're oatmeal comment below.