My Fitness Goals

                                                 Here are My Fitness Goals life time meaning for rest of my life

  1.  Walking-  I Walk alot on the weekends i  walk alot but i feel like im slacking maybe 3 times a week when not doing other workouts.
2.  Jogging-  I Rarely jog so weekend moriong it can be right still take walks but jogging can fit into the fitness  Shedule 
3-Yoga Im start doing Yoga as part of my Acity gonna learn some poses from instrusters
4 Eating Healthy- I Also wanna start eating healthy part a daily acitcty
 go jessica

these are my fitness goals what are you youres?


  1. Eating plays an important role in being fit, One should take cautious approach towards eating habits.

  2. thanks for sharing youre opinon ill be sure to take advice if its good thanks fitness freak and cont reading.