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How social media affects my life

When I started this blog the only social media accounts I had were Facebook and Twitter. This was when myspace had become a thing in the past. It was the time that Twitter and Facebook were starting to become so popular. We didn't have Instagram back then or even google plus or any of the things such as having ads on youtube. Back in 2006, I wanted to make videos at the time instead of blogging. I was only 8 at the time me and my mom agreed it wasn't safe for a child to be making videos on the internet. I started this blog in 2012 6 years later. I was just a teenager who loved music and listened to the radio-quiet often. One of my favorite DJs Lisa Paige who at the time worked at 923now wrote a blog called pampered with Paige. That was the biggest inspiration of launching my blog I wanted to express my self threw writing and make others happy. When Instagram came around I had no idea how the status quo worked or that you could even make an income out of it. I thought of it as a fun app to post pictures and comment on each other stuff. Last year I started taking the steps to relaunch my blog and create a brand. That brand came to be from ''Stephanie'' to living life with Stephanie. Now I'm taking courses to help build the team but learn how this business goes my writing could not only make other people happy but my self as well. How does social media affect my life? It does in a variety of different ways. I finally launched my youtube channel and became an ''influenster'' being in a media as I always dreamed of. Just like different flavors of coffee social media affects my life from different angles. I always remember the most important thing about privacy. I could create stuff for both personal and creator accounts but have to remember to be respectful. I don't like mixing business with my personal life. If you mix business with personal life so much then everyone knows your business and you don't know what's real and what's not. I don't like posting so much about my family life or love life. That's best to stay off-camera especially moments I want to enjoy. Social media might be a big thing in this generation but it doesn't have to control every single aspect of your life. If I do create a post with my family I always make sure they are ok with it and along with other non-family members as well. Before you post something always make sure the individual is 100 percent ok with it. I also try to stay out of youtube social media drama. They are people who post stupid shit instead of dealing with it in person. Making a video about a conflict just creates more conflict to the table. Sites like youtube, Instagram they are a place where you can express your creativity and be happy not a danger zone. In the end, I'm glad Instagram launched it helps with careers such as yoga teacher photographers and people who showcase their work aside from their personal life. I've been doing great with social media and how it affects my life. I want to know how social media affects your life? xoxo-Stephanie

Tips on nailing a broadway audition

Hi everyone even though we are in the middle of a broadway shut down and there are no auditions going on and broadway has gone completely dark. The lights will eventually light up again and the music and tunes will be enjoyed on stage again. This is an intermission not the end of the show. The last show I saw before this went down was mean girls. I enjoyed it despite the rainy day it was almost a year ago. I had planned to see mean girls again with the new cast members and wanted to get tickets to jagged little pill. I had no idea that broadway was about to shut down or ill see it so dark. Here are some tips on nailing an audition whether its broadway or any other show. I hope you like these tips if you plan on auditioning.

!) Take some broadway workshops-You learn things by going to class for instance your writing skills improve when you take an English class. Find some broadway workshops and take at least 8 workshops. You will learn from them and they will help you with the knowledge you need in studying the notes from things such as the music sheet. They will help you get some exercises such as improv and getting into character.https://www.broadwayworkshop.com/ where you can find some great workshops and they are online during the COVID 19 pandemic.

2) If you the musical is based on a movie or show watch it !-If the musical or show you are auditioning for was based on a movie or even has a book or if it was something that was remade go watch it. Go watch the scenes about the character you are auditioning for. For instance, if you were auditioning for cady heron of mean girls go watch a lot of cady scenes from the film. Both the characters from the movie or film or book will share similarities with the new version. If I were to audition for any character in the mean girls musical ill probably go for Gretchen. I shared similar traits in grade school except I didn't bully others. 

3) Movement- Remember 3 keys about a musical the characters arent just singing or moving around on stage. There is movement and that movement goes along with the sound. 3 Keyes on stage movement-sound and emotion. All 3 keys are tied together emotion-movement-sound. Remember as you going along with the sound and emotion. When directors and the makers are looking at the audition they are looking for those key points I speak from experience.!

4) Don't be nervous-I know how it's hard I've been there but try to be your self and not the nervousness get to you. The feeling of being nervous is what causes most auditions to down the toilet. Just be your self and be the character as your auditioning for the part.

5)Study music sheets-There are a big part in especially if you are auditioning for a musical.

I hope you enjoyed and if you do audition for a part for any show I love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie

Can a guy and a girl really be friends?

Two people meet each other and they are the opposite gender a man and a woman. Whether it's at a coffee shop or at a school or just being in public. They like each other and eventually become friends to exchanging glances to eventually numbers. The kindness and happy passionate feeling of a new friendship between the two individuals. This new friendship can a guy and a girl be just friends or something more? I think it's very hard for a guy and a girl to be just ''friends'. Its human nature the bond between 2 individuals of the opposite gender. They are cases where a guy and a girl can be just friends. If they don't have much in common or understand each other in all levels of love. People who usually fall in love understand each other on all levels. They don't just talk like regular friends or even try to understand each other. They don't need to act like they can't say something or they will offend the other person. They feel like aside from the feeling of cloud nine that's the one person who truly understands them and they can be with them on a deep level. Some people who just met eventually go from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend once they spent a good amount of time with each other. From days to months too late-night conversations those people usually fall in love slowly and all at once. Then they are friendships with benefits that include more than friendship and also have hot sex as well with no emotional attachments though that rarely works. In the majority of those cases, one or both usually gets heartbroken or falling in love. Having sex can bring all sorts of crazy emotions and attachments as well. In the end, it usually depends on the case 90 percent in the time, in my opinion, a guy and a girl cant be friends without either some crazy emotions in the way or even falling in love. When people do fall in love it usually deep feelings of understanding one another completely and threw that builds trust and commitment. I wanna know do you think a guy and a girl can be just friends'' I love to hear your comments.

My first memoir

This Friday will mark the release of my book slideshow trailer Living life with Stephanie which shares the same name as my lifestyle blog. Everyone has a story to tell the steps they take to achieve peace and clarity. I always wanted to write a memoir and I always knew I had a story to tell. I first came up with this idea after the events of 2019 which won't be featured in the first book and story. I wanted to write this story back in 2018 but I felt like I wasn't quite ready and how I will write this story. When I approached someone I loved about writing this story. I got the idea of what to include and what to not include in this story. Part of the events of the spring 2017 shaped me into a better writer and improved my writing drastically which is why I'm including it in my memoir. One thing leads to another and this story just does that. It'll teach you not to give up and to keep your head high and go for your dreams. I changed the names of most of the characters to protect their identity. Since it was very made public that I attended LaGuardia community college I could not change the name. I want to protect the identity and privacy when telling this story. I was a different person back then right after high school in my late teens. I think we are young we think differently and we grow as we grow into adulthood. I feel like this story will not just help young adults but anyone in the age group its a coming of age story and not a lifetime movie. This story takes place before everything that I have today and in my early yogi days. Readers will get to see how I get to the stage of how I will eventually become the woman I'm meant to be. One decision will lead to another and lead me to one of the most important women in my life and who later changed it. The person who was inspired by Gabrielle lead me to make a very life-changing choice and this story tells how I get there. I hope you enjoy living life with Stephanie volume 1 when it available for Kindle and other devices on May 1st!. xoxo-Stephanie