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Should you tell him i love you on the first date?

First dates with a brand new hot love are always exciting the beginning of a bloom new relationship. It is also the beginning of a nerves flying across the roof and uncertainty. The uncertainty of how this new relationship with will go. The thoughts in your mind that make you feel  unnecessary emotions and thoughts that can be complete bullshit. Whether we had other failed relationships in the past or seen other people get their hearts broken. It can be a scary time and exciting in starting a new relationship. We often think what could go wrong instead as to what can go right. The main rule of new relationship is don't compare your new relationship to your old one. If you compare your new relationship constantly to your old one. It's like saying your going to go for the same flavor of cake twice instead of trying new flavor of cake. It's almost like your still with the old one or want to be instead of the new one. Your new relationship is supposed to feel better than the old one a new beginning and new start in your life. It's also supposed to repair the wounds left behind from a old love. If your on a first date with a guy should you tell him I love you on the first date? I think maybe it should not be a great idea to say those 3 letter words. The proper thing to say instead of I love you would to be I would like to get know you. That way it shows your taking things slowly and not just rushing things and making your self look desperate for love. Relationships that taking the steps slowly often are the ones that last the longest. Rushing things can lead to disaster and often a broken heart that is hard to heal. On the first date remind your self not to look straight into I love you or even rush into sex either. Its the start of something new and the beginning of a brand new amazing chapter.
I love  to hear you comment xoxo-Stephanie

Should you date a guy with childern?

When it comes to dating a really cute handsome funny guy who doesn't just like you for butt or really attractive body parts. they comes so many questions such as should you date a guy that already has children's? They are some guys out there that have children's whether its from a previous marriage or relationship. They have a child that they care for and love and even the fact they are great father. if you come across a guy that has children's and you really want to date him? should you date you still date them pursue a romantic and intimacy relationship? I think it all depends on the circumstances on the guy. For instance if he is still in love with the child mother and has gotten over her then no you should not date him. Its a basic rule in life in your dignity as well that you should never date someone who is entangled with an ex. The relationship just won't work and you will be lying to your self in the end. What if he is single what if he's just a sweet normal guy with a ex girlfriend he doesn't love anymore? Yes you should give it shot you don't have to be the greatest mom to his child or step mom. But if he does love you and doesn't have any contact with his ex in a romantic way then yes go for it. that could be the beginning of new healthy relationship and maybe long term as well. you should date a guy with children's only if he is not romantically or still crazy in love with his ex. The mother of the child or children's. They are many sweet handsome guys out there who will love you no matter what even the ones with children's. I love to hear your comments


Creating spring goals 2020

I'ts almost the end of march and despite being in quarantine and learning to cook its been quiet a good month and its also good to still make goals. I like making goals for my self they do not only help me mentally but physically as well its always good to have goals. If your a quarantine still make goals for your self whether its a fitness goal or any goal for that matter its always good to make goals for your self no matter what the circumstances are. Here are my goals for the spring 2020!.


My original goal was to go back to school this semester on campus at a college but since the coronavirus broke out and I had just missed the deadline for both financial aid and registering for classes. I probably wont be achieving that goal until either the summer or most likely fall.
my educational goal is to continue to study yoga and to continue to study more writing I'm writing a book a memoir and I'm using all my literacy forces so it could have either a summer 2020 world wide release or a fall release.

My first memoir that takes place in the year 2017 and its a memoir full of firsts
and discovering who you are. I feel like I'm ready to share my story and if you already know me based on the media you will see a side of me only people in my personal life have seen. Since I'm over protective over my family and people in my life to protect their privacy as much as possible names will be changed. things like places will not and people will be shocked to learn what went on my second semester at a community Cuny college know as LaGuardia. The memoir will make you cry laugh I'm not including nothing depressing in the book simply because its an coming of age story not a lifetime movie. I cant wait for you guys to read the book !.


I've been doing yoga since I was a junior in high school and after school before or after homework I would go to yoga class with Daya yoga studio in Bushwick. one of my favorite instructor Tyler really knows how to teach yoga. I didn't start becoming more involved until 2019 when I started teaching it after meeting my friend Danielle. I'm bringing my yoga teaching skills to YouTube very soon and I cant wait to start teaching it . I'm still studying from the books becoming a yoga teacher is not as easy as it sounds we need to read!. I also want to improve my weight lose 3 or 4 pounds and YouTube has a ton of free fitness classes during this quarantine.


I want to learn to cook more instead of eating out which is why go fresh a company that gives you food and how to cook a recipe. I will be doing a review on that and some meals cooked up with go fresh its truly the best thing ever especially for someone who is not so great at cooking. I'm good at baking ironically and not great at cooking.

These are just some of my goals for the spring and I would like to know what are yours?


Do guys on dating apps just want sex or something more ?

When it comes to dating in the 21 century we no longer at times meet people in person whether its
in a coffee shop or at any sort of campus or getting rescued from an asshole. The majority of women these days don't just meet guys in any particular place but with dating apps such as tinder or bumble. The two most popular dating apps in a battle field of online dating. Its even scarier when you meet someone on a dating app than you do in person. The scariest part is not knowing anything about the person from a single swipe. When you do a single ''swipe'' and match with someone knew and handsome its the like love at first sight minus the actual eye direct to direct contact but instead love at first swipe. You talk for hours on an end getting to know one another just from your cellular devices. Then sometimes you go and actually meet the person and go on a first date. Another scary thing is fear of being cat fished but thank god for verification and in most cases your not cat fished. The thing with most relationships comes with imtiacy and you might wind up having sex on the first date. Do all guys on dating apps just want sex and then its done and over with? what if your a virgin and used tinder and just gave your virginity to someone you might not see it again?. The truth is every guy might have the same body parts and same gender but have different brains. So not all guys in a rare occasion are not looking for just sex but to actually know the person. Just like in real life when you know just met someone its almost the same thing expect its threw an app and not in person. Get to know your dating app guy and you might find he isn't just looking for sex. In fact he might be looking for a healthy stable regular relationship with an significant other. I want to know have you ever used a dating app? I loved to hear your comments for me I've been on dating apps such as tinder or bumble but have not found my match yet and as a young healthy 22 year old college student and entrupter and author I'm in no rush.   xoxo-Stephanie