Nair clay leg mask review

Thursday, May 26, 2022

    When it comes to masks and beauty treatments from drug store brands I normally love the clay or mud face masks. They are a great way to still get a good facial and save a shit ton of money something I've been working on is not getting a 60-dollar facial but saving money on facials. Also when it comes to body hair I hate it I don't like it on my legs, anywhere on my bikini area, or on my arms I feel like its gross and I also hate upper lip hair which over the years of waxing aside from my eyebrows has grown less and is barely noticeable. I also hate shaving because it starts to grow back in a few days and you get this annoying stubble and sometimes bumps. This is why when I discovered the Nair clay leg mask and it was super affordable around 8-14 dollars depending on where you get it. I couldn't wait to try it I have tried nairs hair removal creams in the past but it didn't work for me. This nair leg mask is a lifesaver it saved me money from waxing and makes your legs more smooth and softer than shaving. When using this product you got to make sure not to exceed 10 mins around 5-8 minutes at most even if your hair is coarse. I left it on both of my legs for 10 minutes and felt a little bit of burning which is why I don't recommend not exceeding 10 minutes! After I washed the product off in the shower with tons of soap that thing has a bit of a funky smell so your gonna want to take a shower after and add some body lotion!. After my shower, I noticed my clean hairless legs! Only a little bit of hair and stubble but none so noticeable and it's only tiny bits of it so don't worry about it. I have sensitive skin and I was a bit hesitant to try this after hearing some negative reviews from people who had sensitive skin. I would recommend this if you have sensitive skin it saves you time from shaving and the hair starts to grow back at least for me in about a week and when the hair starts to grow back it's not noticeable. this clay mask is specifically for legs but I used it on my whole arms and it did a great job. If you are someone who hates shaving and doesn't want to deal with waxing I recommend this clay mask for both arms and legs.i haven't tried it on my bikini area but considering how sensitive that area is I wouldn't recommend using it in the area. you can find this at drug stores and I have found this on amazon. I got mine at Walgreens and let me know if you try this! I love to hear your comments xoxo-Stephanie. 

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