How to make friends with bumble bff !

Monday, April 18, 2022

 I've been using and working with the app bumble for several years dating back to 2019 when I first discovered influencers blogging about the app. I had thought it was just for dating or hookups but I later discovered that bumble isn't like tinder but has to do more than just hot hookups or potential significant others. There are so many people using this app and you can go global and not only find people in your city but also find people all around the world. I love that I found bumble buff because it allowed me to connect with so many amazing women and make new friends. It has allowed me to socialize with different kinds of people and some with similar interests such as coffee or going out for drinks. It's the perfect app for anyone, not just ladies looking for making new friends. I'm so happy I found this app and I encourage you if you want to make friends or acquaintances using this app. You just never know you might find your friend who's totally awesome. I want to know to leave me a comment below on Facebook groups apps to make new friends or places where you can make new friends I love to hear your comments-xoxo-Stephanie

bumble BFF is available in the bumble app on google play and ios devices!

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