Turning 24

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

 When it comes to turning 24 so many thoughts run through my mind I'm very happy to be living for another year and starting a new chapter. I enter another chapter of adulthood and I have so many things I want to get done this year. Growing up I always thought once I turned 24 I would be married with two children possibly two daughters who I name Tiffany and Savannah or possibly planning for a third baby. Growing up since I was little I always said how I wanted 4 kids in my life and being married with a big house on the hill. Life had other plans and I realized in my early twenties I wasn't ready for children and still had some growing up and more self-discovery to do. Part of entering adulthood is growing and learning while finding out who you are through experiences and along the way making mistakes and learning from them. One of the things I'm hoping for this year is for my business to launch full force and ill be able to do my blogging and run my business full time. In order to take these steps, I figure to get mentors along the way and I feel like whenever you want to achieve something whether it's starting your own business or pursuing a project it's always good to have some guidance along the way. I always encourage others to pursue their dreams and it won't be easy but with a good mindset and people around you, it can be achieved in many milestones. I don't know what my 24th year of life will bring but I'm excited to pursue my goals and dreams and go for along the ride.My 23 year of life brought many surprises and I'm excited about the new surprises, adventures, and everything that's yet to come in this new chapter cheers.


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