How the covid 19 pandemic affected my life

Monday, January 10, 2022

In 2020 it was the start of the new decade and after the new year like many other individuals sat at my desk at my office ready to start what was going to be called the roaring 20s 2.0. It was also the year I would turn 2022 and I was ready to go back to college and finish my degree and doing in so I would be working more hours and ready to finish college so I could get better jobs than the ones I currently have with just a year of college on my resume from 2017. I never thought in a million years that I would live through a pandemic or that its effect on me. At the start of February, before my twenty-second birthday, I left my former office, and it was not something that was not easy to deal with on this day. When you love a job so much and you must leave because you are costing them too much money it is not easy at all. A month later the covid 19 pandemic began and I saw how our world became so dark. Many people started losing their lives and many places started to close hair salons, theatres, fitness facilities, and many flights were being canceled with airlines only allowing people such as doctors to fly for necessary trips. In 2020 we had no vaccine insight, and it contributed to many people dying or getting extremely sickI watched in horror as the lives we once loved how turned into darkness and despair. Many people started losing their jobs and I was among the millions of unemployed. That year it began hard to find work and if you did you were extremely lucky, and some people worked from home. That year taught me not to take life for granted and I suffered depression because of it. The things we used to do could no longer do and people were afraid of each other, afraid of getting sick and dying. Even if someone was with an individual and they coughed, and it was just random it was just assumed they had covid or some other sickness. I remember thinking each day that year how I wished the pandemic never happened and we never experienced those things that we did. Before the pandemic, I took everything for granted things such as my job, my friends, my family, and everything life has to offer even trivial things such as going out to eat at a restaurant. I remember the sadness I felt threw out those months and how much I missed doing those things and being with people. 2020 was not completely dark. There is light such as when it finally got the news I could go back and pursue my degree and the best part about pursuing my degree going from a nursing major to a communications major was that I was studying something I loved. I was also given covid grants which after my tuition was paid, I got to keep those grants and re-start my business and no longer be in the land of the unemployed. Threw out the end of 2020 and into 2021 I worked mostly remotely for safety and did some projects outside my home. In 2021 as I started another year of college, I got to do more things such as get more grants which helped me a lot while I worked and attended school remotely. If there is one thing, I learned about the pandemic is that it taught us to bring hope to one another and love and that is how we get through it we are all in this together. In that year I also got fully vaccinated and started to slowly realize that during a time like this the best way to get through it is to also keep your head high. As 2022 begins and we begin yet again another horrendous wave of the pandemic with lots of people testing positive despite being vaccinated this time around most people are not dying because of the vaccine and I am incredibly happy that even though it is still a pandemic and people are getting sick this time around it is not so dark, and we are getting through this together. The best part about the projects I did in involving covid and bringing hope through images created by Sophie Elgort. I hope these images bring hope to people. 

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