Implenting self-improvement strategies in your life

Saturday, November 6, 2021

 When I started blogging about self-improvement strategies this year I did it as a form to help others and it was in my personal way of healing from my own depression. I never intended my blog to turn to help others using self-improvement strategies through look books and quotes. When I saw how it was helping others I added that as part of my blog. When it comes to self-improvement it's very important to implement these strategies in your life and not just when you are depressed. If it's ok to love others but you gotta remember to love yourself first. In life, once you start living for yourself and not others you become a happier and better person. You can learn new things about yourself such as trying something new or visiting a new place exploring life and trying new things. One of the things I learned in the past two weeks through this journey is I need to know it's ok to say no and don't be afraid to say no. Growing up I have had a hard time saying no I didn't want to hurt anyone or fear of hurting their feelings. I've also learned I'm into art and that in days I take time for myself no friends, or hanging out with people it clears my head and allows me to feel happier in my skin and not lash out at people. Aside from getting a therapist who might help you implement self-improvement strategies you can try these strategies mentioned in the blog post. These strategies are not only for people who are depressed but simply are trying to better themselves.  We are always involving and it's ok to not know 100 percent who you are. An English teacher once taught me that you don't always know who you are and that's ok. I'm 23 and still don't know 100 percent who still to figure my shit out being in my mid-twenties and learning more about life each day.  Here are the self-improvement strategies that helped me out during this year. 

1) setting goals 

2) Building productive habits 

3) Taking time for myself 

4) Taking care of my body -this one is a big one I gained 13 pounds this year. 

5) Removal of negative thoughts- doubt, fear, or bitterness I learn to not carry hate over anyone!

let me know if you are working on self-improvement strategies I love to hear your comments-xoxo-Stephanie 

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