Hosting my first red carpet awards the drama league awards 2018!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Hosting Drama league awards red carpet

Hi everyone, and I hope you’re all having a lovely day so far and full of sweetness.
When it comes to being a blogger is not as easy as it looks and seems there is a lot of planning
and things to be able to be great content and joy for the readers and fans and the many people who
support blogs that make blogs possible. I got the pleasure to host my very first red carpet event as not only as a blogger but as a company representing Living life with Stephanie. It was the first time I got to experience a red carpet event and have the joy that comes it. I tried hosting the 2016 VMAs back when it was my home city Manhattan but instead came home upset of how hard I work on my blog yet saw other people wearing fancy clothing and being like hey why isn’t that me in that white gown? Since then, I realized that I was starting, and sometimes you have to push the world so they can see the fantastic bumblebee that you are. When I emailed the director of the drama league community regarding the red carpet event for the drama league awards, I never expected an email right back. I got a straight yes and welcome letter to host the red carpet awards for the drama league awards. I’m not going to lie; I never really noticed the Broadway community despite living in NYC. When mean girls on Broadway came out and started doing reviews, I got a warm welcome from the Broadway community and realized they could help me not only in Broadway but in other jobs and get my face known in the world.! In a mini recap of the drama league awards at my favorite hotel, the Marriott in times square. They were many stars, and I pretended like I knew all of them when I only knew the cast of mean girls Broadway and Andrew Garfield, who’s currently starring in angels of Broadway and stared in one of my favorite movies the social network. I got to see many other publicists as well as do press with mac makeup !. Aside from the red carpet, the plastics from mean girls Broadway Taylor Kate and Ashley held the actual event. Which was like a dream filled with tables and fancy white decor with fantastic food. I had a great time being with Broadways biggest stars. You can go to to purchase tickets to see a broadway show, and don’t forget if you notice any of them comment below which musical do you? I love to hear your comments until next time love you xoxo-Stephanie

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